"Life Planning Workshop: What do you want to do with the rest of your life?" @ the FWN Salo Salo

  • August 23, 2009
  • 5:30 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Mercury Lounge @ 1582 Folsom St./12th St., San Francisco, CA 94103


(depends on selected options)

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Filipina Women's Network


Life Planning Workshop: What do you want to do with the rest of your life?

Honor Your Past , Form Your Future,
Find Your Voice

Exploring the 12 Basic Human Needs
... your life issues and options in each of the
12 life areas

 Presented by: Marily Mondejar

FWN's educational programming (launched in 2002) is based on the 12 Life Anchors adapted from Dr. Caela Farren's work.   FWN workshops and seminars are designed around the life areas.  We invite speakers who are specialists in these fields to share their expertise with FWN Members. 

The 12 Life Anchors are best appreciated when FWN members take this first session which can provide a practical foundation for life planning.  This workshop can be taken regardless of education, work experience, age or life situation.

Ignite your spirit!  Manage your current life issues and explore your options in each of the 12 Life Anchors for personal and professional empowerment:

1. Community - Participating, volunteering, helping others in our community (youth, schools, public service, politics)

2. Economic Security - Managing personal resources, income, budgeting, savings, investments, insurance

3. Environment/Safety - Caring about your physical surroundings, e.g., recycling, pollution, waste removal

4. Family/Kinship - Caring for life partners, marriages, children, parents, extended family

5. Health & Well-Being - Mental, emotional and physical health, feeling good about yourself and others

6. Home/Shelter - Caring for and improving personal space - home, office, car, desk, etc.

7. Learning - Acquiring and applying new knowledge, skills, and abilities to improve different areas of life

8. Leisure - Diversifying interests and renewing energy through sports, hobbies, entertainment

9. Social Relationships - Getting along with all types of people, nurturing friends, making new acquaintances

10. Spirituality - Exploring the meaning of life through philosophy, religion, humor, the arts, nature

11. Mobility - Ability to move from place to place to take care of your needs as well as your personal and extended families and friends

12. Work/Career - Choosing a field, feeling satisfied, contributing to society, creating balance

Are you going through change? Are you looking to launch a new chapter in your life? Graduation? Job transition? Career plateauing? Reinventing your business or starting a new venture? At a personal level, are you starting a family, divorcing, empty nesting, considering retirement?

Change is a constant in our lives and it can mean many different options. We invite you to a hands-on workshop that will give you the ability and confidence to embark on your personal journey in exploring the rest of your life.

We will examine your values, talents and interests using the 12 Life Areas of Empowerment. We will trace your lifeline to discover patterns and observable motivators in your life. We will engage in understanding the nature of change and how to design endings and new beginnings. 

Ignite your spirit @
the FWN Salo Salo!




FWN's Annual Filipina Salo Salo
The 2009 Adobo Crawl

A celebration of Filipino heritage and cuisine

In collaboration with 13 highly acclaimed restaurants / food
organizations who serve
authentic Filipino and Filipino-inspired dishes,

the Filipina Women's Network cordially invites you
to embark on a year-round culinary adventure

celebrating the many flavors, exotic ingredients,  cultural and regional  influences, cooking and dining traditions of
Filipino cuisine.

In 2009, each restaurant highlights its unique recipe of the popular "adobo" dish as one of three selections in their
Prix Fixe menu.

Restaurants / food organizations featured in 2009

January 24 / Saturday
5pm no host cocktails; 6pm dinner served promptly

February 19 / Thursday
6pm no host cocktails; 7pm dinner served promptly

Red Lantern
March 29 / Sunday
5pm no host cocktails; 6pm dinner served promptly

April 25 / Saturday
5pm no host cocktails; 6pm dinner served promptly

Bistro Luneta
May 31 / Sunday
5pm no host cocktails; 6pm dinner served promptly

Poleng Lounge
June 28 / Sunday
5pm no host cocktails; 6pm dinner served promptly

tisserie Philippe
July 26/ Sunday
1pm no host brunch cocktails; 2pm brunch served promptly

Mercury Lounge
August 23 / Sunday
5pm no host cocktails; 6pm dinner served promptly

There will be no salo salo in October due to the 6th Filipina Leadership Summit (Oct 30-Nov 1)

Ramar Foods
will be hosting the
Filipina Summit Welcome Reception
(by invitation only)
October 29 / Thursday
6:30pm  - 8:30pm

November 15 / Sunday
5pm no host cocktails; 6pm dinner served promptly

Patio Filipino
December 15 / Tuesday
6pm no host cocktails; 7pm dinner served promptly

Featured restaurants, salo salo dates and times may change. 
Please check this page for updates.

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