Diwata (Goddess) Benefactor     $10,000

  • 20 VIP tickets
  • Logo on stage, eblasts, flyer, poster, FWN V-Day website/Link to your home page
  • Opening Remarks at the show

Cover Page Package:

  • Option to be on the Cover Page of the V-Diaries (FWN approval required)
  • a Full page color ad (8.5”W x 9”H)
  • 2-page story feature
  • 20 VIP tickets
  • Receive 100 magazines



Sponsorship and Advertising The V Monologues Tickets and v-diaries: ANTI-VIOLENCE RESOURCE GUIDE   

SPONSOR A - $150

Sponsor the ticket of a resident or staff member of an anti-domestic violence agency or women's shelter so she can attend the performance. 10% discount for 10 tickets.  Best seats will be given to anti-DV and women's shelter for their residents and/ or staff members.


 Sponsor a cast/ crew member. Donation will be in your honor.

SPONSOR C - $888

1/4 page color ad, 4”W x 4.25”H + 6 VIP tickets

SPONSOR D - $1800

1/2 page color ad, 8.5”W x 4.5”H or 4”W x 9”H + 8 VIP tickets

SPONSOR E - $3300

Full page color ad, 8.5"W x 9"H + 12 VIP Tickets


Sample ads:

Supporters of V-Diaries: Anti-Violence Resource Guide

Bambi Lorica
Heidi Pervin Yamaguchi