Our Vision

Be the #1 resource for leadership, personal and professional development for Filipina women worldwide.

What We Do

FWN provides leadership and opportunities for Filipina women to achieve professional competence and personal fulfillment


Our Mission

A Filipina Woman Leader in Every Sector of the Economy

We achieve our mission through public education forums and career development programs that:

  • Influence popular culture.

  • Raise awareness of the activities, careers and status of Filipina women in the global workplace.

  • Enhance public perceptions of Filipina women's capacity to lead.

  • Change biases against Filipina women's leadership abilities.

  • Build the Filipina community's pipeline of qualified leaders to increase the odds that some will rise to the "president" position in all sectors.

We fulfill our mission and achieve our vision through a commitment to:

  • Learning and professional development
    We believe that learning is critical to performance.

  • Service
    We anticipate and satisfy the needs of our members and other stakeholders.

  • Success
    We achieve our mission and professional success.


Our Values

We strive to exemplify our values through Partnership • Innovation • Integrity • Openness • Respect


Our 5 Priority Program Areas

  1. Branding

    • Shaping the Filipina Image

    • Filipina Action Now

  2. Social Justice

    • Anti-Domestic Violence and Anti-Human Trafficking Awareness Campaigns

    • Immigrant Rights

    • The Vagina Monologues productions

    • One Billion Rising

  3. Coalition Building

    • Annual Filipina Leadership Global Summit

    • 100 Most Influential Filipina Women in the World Awards™

    • Pinay Power 2020

  4. Leadership Development

    • Filipina Women Who Could Be President Fellowship

    • Boards & Commissions Appointments

    • Political Education Awareness Training and Voter Registration

    • FWN Fellows

    • FEMtorMatch™

    • Pinay Speed Femtoring

  5. Cultural Awareness

    • FWN Salo Salo™

    • Sheroes Monologues

    • Strategic Alliances with corporate Filipino employee affinity groups in all economic sectors especially organizations with global employee populations.

    • Filipina Global Leadership Series

      • DISRUPT: Proud. Loud. Leading Without A Doubt

      • Book Tours

      • Filipina Global Leadership Competencies Workshops

In our work, we …

  • Act on feedback from our members. Link Filipina women locally and globally.

  • Encourage every member's participation. Make decisions in consideration of member needs.

  • Collaborate with members to create opportunities and solve problems. Explore new ways of doing things.

  • Build an environment that supports risk-taking and innovation. Are honest and straightforward.

  • Share information openly and in a timely manner. Make the best use of resources available.

  • Achieve our mission and financial sustainability. Collaborate across boundaries and differences.

  • Encourage the open exchange of views, concerns and learning. View challenges with an open mind.

  • Learn from mistakes. Listen for understanding.

  • Seek and give helpful, timely feedback. Value the potential of ideas and of people.

  • Leverage differences in people and in opinion. Embrace our cultural heritage as an opportunity.


Our strategic directions

Intensify Member Value

Engage and partner with all members, understand their needs and expectations, and respond with value-added solutions to strengthen learning, leadership, professional and personal development in their respective workplaces and the Filipina community.

Create, Capture and Provide First Class Knowledge and Professional Learning

Make FWN the most comprehensive source of information on Filipina pop culture, workplace learning, leadership, professional and personal development for Filipina women.

Lead Through Technology

Leverage technology to engage members, capture knowledge, facilitate interaction, and deliver customized products and services.

Shape The Filipina Image

Define the Filipina image and shape its future by being the leading source of workplace data, trends, and successful practices for Filipina women professionals.

Position FWN as the recognized leader with current and emerging players

Serve the Filipina global community by being a leading catalyst for sharing knowledge, professional learning and personal development worldwide.