How to Get Involved with FWN

  1. Register to Vote … then vote during the elections!
  2. Encourage other Filipina women you know in your local community to register to vote so they can exercise their right to vote during elections.
  3. Help Filipina women you know who have not yet filed their citizenship papers to file their paperwork. And when they are approved for citizenship,  encourage them to register to vote.
  4. Volunteer with FWN. Contact, if you wish to volunteer. Check the Volunteer Committee Page.
  5. Encourage your Filipina friends to join FWN. Your membership dues is sacred to FWN - this is your ultimate commitment to supporting your Filipina sisters worldwide.
  6. Host a kapihan (coffee) for women in your local area and introduce them to your Filipina women colleagues and to FWN.
  7. Sign up for FEMtorMatch either as a FEMtor (if you're a FWN100 Awardee) or as a FEMtee.
  8. Femtor a young Filipina woman, someone who is returning to the local workforce or new to your area..
  9. Teach young people about Filipina women leaders and Filipino history and culture. Check out our 100 Most Influential Filipina Women list and the Sheroes Monologues.
  10. Financially support Filipina/o women candidates and/or organizations such as Filipina Women’s Network that foster women’s leadership.
  11. Write Op-Eds and Letters to the Editor of local papers in your community on issues that affect you personally and of Filipina women.  100-500 words is impactful.
  12. Launch a petition drive or letter-writing campaign about an issue you care about.
  13. Duplicate the Filipina Women’s Network’s initiatives on a local scale.
  14. Create a straw poll featuring Filipina women leaders in your community.
  15. Invite a prominent Filipina woman leader to speak at a public forum that you host.
  16. Meet with your local representatives and tell them to appoint your and/or more talented and qualified Filipina women to to boards and commissions. Create a list of qualified Filipina women in your area.
  17. Invite your elected representatives and friends to a Filipino restaurant in your area. If there's no Filipino restaurant if your area, prepare a Filipino dish and tell them the history of the recipe.
  18. Attend community meetings and when you do, make sure you speak out, make a statement about the meeting topic, or ask a question at these public meetings. Begin by saying, “My name is ______ and I am a member of the Filipina Women’s Network. I have a question about _______.” This is what leaders say “a moment of strength”. They get to know a talented Filipina woman (YOU).
  19. Be a media watcher and speak out about Filipino and gender-biased coverage. And when you see such a coverage express your voice via email, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. or send out a short press release. Another “moment of strength” opportunity.
  20. Gather your friends on a regular basis to create a “Learning Circle” about Filipina women’s leadership.
  21. Find a femtor (mentor) for your professional advancement. Better still, find a sponsor who can open career opportunities for you.
  22. Invite a Filipina woman to run for office or consider doing it yourself! Now, this is a true “moment of strength”.

Want to ADD to this list of “moments of involvement”? Email us at and on subject: "Adding 'Moments of Strength' on how to get involved with FWN".