FWN Summit 2012

U.S. FWN100™ AWARDEES 2012


This award category recognizes Filipina women who may not have the big title or corner office, but is a driving force behind the success of a social cause or life issue, a community organization's project or initiative; or her employer's organizational business unit or department.  Someone who has gone beyond the call of duty to devote time, energy, and resources to advocate for those who need a voice, or support the organization she represents or works for.

Angie Louie
Hana Zen, Inc.

Edcelyn Pujol
Certified Financial Planner Professional,
Northwestern Mutual

JoAnn Fields
Associate Director, Outreach and Communications
Reality Changers

Marian Catedral-King
PGPA Representative

Maritessa Bravo Ares
Executive Program Assistant
Green For All

Pureza Belza
University of The Philippines Nursing Alumni Association- U.S.A., Inc.

Theresa Noriega-Lum
Finance Director
Black Rock

Yong Chavez
TV Reporter/Newspaper Columnist (Gannett)
ABS-CBN, TFC, & Pacific Daily News


Builders have demonstrated exceptional business impact at a large workplace environment; displaying deep passion for a cause through collaborative initiatives at a nonprofit institution; demonstrates high potential and skill with measurable results at a government agency, or organization in any field.  “Buildership” is about building better organizations, leading broken organizations to adjust, repair, and re-align.  Emerging Leaders have powerful mindsets and skill sets that drive achievement for their organizations.

Belinda Munoz
Executive Director
Susie Tompkins Buell Foundation

Cora Aragon Soriano
Los Angeles Filipino Association Employees

Cynthia A. Bonta
Philippine National Day Association (PNDA)

Eleanore Fernandez
Purchaser/Marketing Specialist
The Young Filipino Professionals Association
The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission

Esther Lee
District Governor (former)
San Francisco Marina-North Beach Lions
Lions Clubs International

Jacqueline Dumlao Yu
Horton, Roberts & West LLP
KAYA Filipino Americans for Progress
Filipino American Democratic Club of San Francisco

Lili Tarachand
Founder & CEO
LTD Global, LLC

Nadia Catarata Jurani
CPA, Attorney at Law
Nadia C. Jurani, Esq., LLC

Natalie C. Aliga
Grants Administrator
AAA Northern California
Nevada & Utah Insurance Exchange

Olivia Finina De Jesus
Board Member/Vice Chairman
ABS-CBN Foundation, N.A.
VP - Managing Director & Head of Global Content Strategy
ABS-CBN International, N.A.

Prosy Abarquez-Delacruz, J.D.
Opinion Editorial/Features Writer
Asian Journal Publications, Inc.

Rita Dela Cruz
Audit Partner
Lindquist, von Husen & Joyce LLP

Rocio Nuyda
Owner, Grace Events
U.S. Pinoys for Good Governance

Sheryll Casuga, Psy.D.
Doctor of Clinical Psychology
Sport Psychologist

Stefanie Medious
Regional Sales Manager

Theresa Chua



This award honors Filipina women whose words, actions, and activism, inspire others to act and revolutionize society’s way of understanding traditional beliefs and customs thus leaving behind a Filipino global imprint. “Nicole,” who sparked an international dialogue about women’s rights, national sovereignty, and international law as she steadfastly pursued justice against her rapists, inspires this category.

Nilda Guanzon Valmores
Executive Director
My Sister's House

Paulita Lasola Malay
Marriage & Family Therapist / Psychotherapist


This award honors Filipina women in their capacities as the chief executive, president, executive director or founder of a company, community organization, non-profit, or business venture that they helped start, build or significantly grow. This award category is for the trailblazers who have marshaled resources and applied innovative practices, processes and/or technologies in a new and groundbreaking way to address a significant business or organizational opportunity.

Betty O. Buccat
Administrative Law Judge
California State Department of Social Services

Conchita Bathan
Core Tech International Corporation

Constance Valencia Santos
Filipino American Council of Chicago

Elaine R. Serina, PhD
Talas Engineering, Inc.

Josie Jones
CEO & President
Admiral Home Health, Inc.
Alphan Hospice Care, Inc.  
Admiral Hospice Care, Inc.

Kristine Custodio
San Diego Paralegal Association

Victoria J. Santos
Filipino American National Historical Society (FANHS) East Bay


This award recognizes women who have broken new ground in the marketplace, have delivered new and unique applications of emerging technology transforming the way people think, in the fields of sports, literature, the arts and pop culture, or have improved the lives of others by helping develop a product or service in the fields of science, engineering, technology, or medicine. This award category is also for someone who have either launched a new enterprise learning function or completely overhauled an existing development or community initiative.

Ann Fajilan
Associate Professor
California State University, East Bay

Cris Comerford
Executive Chef
The White House

Janet Nepales
Manila Bulletin

Maricel Quiroz
Keyrose Corporation

Penélope V. Flores
Professor Emeritus
San Francisco State University

Vivian Zalvidea Araullo
Head of News Production
Executive Director
ABS-CBN International - The Filipino


This award recognizes Filipina women leaders who have demonstrated exceptional business acumen combined with a forward-looking vision in the development or influencing of policies, campaigns or laws that impact business, industry, and society and who enrich the lives and careers of others by sharing the benefits of their wealth, experience, and knowledge.

Alicia Fortaleza
Chief Operating Officer, Healthcare Institute of Northern California
Nursing Supervisor, Laguna Honda Hospital

Rosita Galang
Professor Emeritus/Educational Consultant
University of San Francisco

Zenda Garcia-Lat, M.D.
National President
University of the Philippines Medical Alumni Society in America
Co-Founder of "Handog Ngiti" Gift of Smile Foundation