2019-2021 FWN Fellowship Program

NEW Position opening – FWN Fellow 2019-2021

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Do you have event planning experience, a passion for social issues?

Are you organized, have graphic design and project management skills, detail oriented, available to travel, and love an opportunity to meet Filipina women from all over the world? Do you write well, interested in being editor of the e-Pahayagan newsletter, have social media and communications/marketing background and want to be around awesome Filipina women?

The program is designed to provide experienced professionals, recent graduates, returning to the workplace career women and motivated individuals seeking to enhance their work experience and portfolios through involvement with the Filipina Women's Network (FWN). This is an opportunity for increased learning of the programs and initiatives to advocate the activities, careers, and status of Filipina women all over the world. The fellow will provide vital administrative support to FWN and its mission of becoming the top resource for leadership, professional and personal development for Filipina women worldwide.

Filipina Women's Network is recruiting fellows for the cycle year 2019-2021. Fellowship begins in 2019 with the Fellow's selection to demonstrate desired skill sets in the administration support of the 16th Filipina Leadership Global Summit in Paris, France on 28 October - 02 November 2019. If selected, travel could commence first week of October 2019.

Opportunity may include travel to FWN summit venues for the planning and execution of FWN’s Annual Filipina Leadership Global Summit in San Francisco (2020), Dubai or Rome, Italy for 2021 and 2022.

The fellow will provide vital managerial and administrative support to FWN and its organizational mission of becoming the top resource for leadership, professional and personal development for Filipina women worldwide.

Supporters of the FWN Fellowship Fund

Kristina Alvero
Leah Laxamana
Sonia Delen
Thelma Boac

NEW Position opening – FWN Fellow 2019-2021


Commitment of at least 12 months minimum required. High preference for applicants who reside in the San Francisco Bay Area. Remote applicants may also be considered.

Time Commitment:

This is a full-time commitment and is ideal for someone who is able to devote 35-40 hours a week. Some evening and weekend hours required at various times throughout the year in particular staffing the FWN events.

The Fellowship requires a minimum commitment of 12 months and may be renewed for another cycle. 

Work schedule may be flexible, may work remotely if fellow as broadband internet service and will be determined upon hiring.

Summary of Position:

This is a full-time position and is ideal for someone who has an interest in nonprofit work, has the ability to take initiative and complete project assignments independently and on-time, able to work remotely when necessary, ability to define problems, research and collect data, establish facts and draw valid conclusions, ability to write simple announcements and/or press releases, business letters, meeting minutes and other correspondence, and the ability to maintain a high degree of privacy and confidentiality.

Excellent Mac OS computer and technology experience required including basic Microsoft business applications (PPT, Word, Excel). User experience of social media and online meeting applications and non-profit fundraising software very important.

The FWN Fellow will lead / assist with program management, event planning, logistics and administration over the course of 2017-2018. The FWN Fellow will gain an increased understanding of the programs and initiatives underway to advance the activities, careers and status of Filipina women around the globe. In addition, the fellow will provide vital administrative support to FWN and our mission of becoming the top resource for learning, professional/personal development and leadership for Filipina women worldwide.


The FWN Fellow will have the opportunity to network and participate in special FWN programs and events, as well as attend a variety of events and career training sponsored by FWN partner organizations relating to women and Filipino culture issues.

In addition, FWN may provide the fellow with a quarterly stipend after a three month probation period. A Mac laptop may be provided for use exclusively for FWN activities to facilitate Fellow's effectivity and compliance with confidentiality guidelines.

Duties may include:

  • Managing the FWN office in San Francisco.

  • Executing support for FWN’s key programs and initiatives.

  • Interact with high level executives with partner organizations, allies and FWN Members.

  • Travel to areas with CEO and other board members where FWN members are represented

  • Prepare materials for member meetings, Filipina Women Leadership DISRUPT Series book readings, FWN MeetUps, annual Filipina Leadership Global Summit, Most Influential Filipina Women in the World Awards, FEMtorMatch, Pistahan Festival & Parade, V-Day FWN Anti-Violence Campaign, Filipina Women Who Could Be President Fellowship, FWN board and committee meetings and other special events.

  • Serve as FWN's first-point contact and representative at events by handling registration and greeting guests

  • Take board meeting minutes and other committee meetings.

  • Research and identify potential partnership and sponsorship opportunities for FWN.

  • Update FWN website and social media handles, member directory, online documents, general organization

  • Design and produce FWN’s online newsletter ePahayagan, FWN Magazine and V-Diaries: Anti-Violence Resource Guide as well as marketing materials

  • Maintain FWN member retention and expanding FWN members prospect list

  • Participate in the organizing and planning of initiatives and events for FWN

  • Provide assistance with marketing and communications of FWN projects

  • Provide other logistical, research or outreach support, as needed.


The FWN provides the fellow with a stipend paid out on a quarterly basis after submission of a summary of work and a three month probation period. Fellows do not qualify for any benefits, nor will the FWN deduct any taxes from Fellow’s stipend. It is the Fellow’s responsibility to determine their tax obligations and file tax reports as required.


Applicants for the fellowship must be eligible to work in the United States. Applicants must demonstrate an interest in Filipina culture and women’s issues. Previous strong experience with the following skill sets: project management, graphic design, event planning, communications, marketing, research, statistics, fundraising and/or logistics are considered assets. Experience with social media, public relations, writing, website, database and newsletter programs a plus.

Excellent Mac OS computer and technology experience required including basic Microsoft business applications (PPT, Word, Excel). User experience of social media and online technology apps including meeting applications and non-profit fundraising software very important.

How to apply:

Please review the FWN’s website to have a clear understanding of the organization’s goals, programs and activities. Go to www.filipinawomensnetwork.org/about-fwn/.

Send via email a cover letter, a 2-page resume and 2 writing samples indicating your interest in the fellowship and your availability in 2019-2021. E-mail to the attention of Marily Mondejar, FWN CEO & Founder at filipina@ffwn.org.

On your cover letter, please answer the following:

  1. Why are you the best fit for this position?

  2. How does the FWN Vision, Mission, Strategic Directions and Priorities complement your career or personal goals?

  3. How does your skill sets and experience qualify you for this position?

  4. How does the Fellow Opportunity complement your career goals?

  5. Availability in 2019-2021 and travel

  6. Ability to work remotely

This opportunity will close when a Fellow is selected before the deadline or will continue to post until a qualified Fellow is accepted.

About the Filipina Women’s Network

The Filipina Women's Network (FWN) is a San Francisco based non-profit organization with members in 31 countries and advocates to increase the power of Filipina women as leaders and policy makers on economic and social justice and women’s rights at all levels in the public and private sectors.

FWN’s mission: A Filipina woman leader in every sector of the economy.

FWN convenes programs and activities that enhance public perceptions of Filipina women's capacities to lead and to build the Filipina community's pipeline of qualified leaders, to increase the odds that some Filipina women will rise to the president position in the private and public sectors worldwide. 


  • Influence Filipina popular culture.

  • Eliminate all forms of violence and discrimination against Filipina women and girls.

  • Appoint and elect Filipina women to positions of leadership.

  • Economic independence in housing, wages and pay equity for equal work.

  • Access to public services in education, immigration, health care, child care, senior services, housing and transportation.

  • Reproductive freedom.