Volunteer Service Opportunities

100 Most Influential Filipina Women

  • Selected by FWN in a nationwide search
  • FWN100™ awardees are asked to femtor a protégée. Both leaders are asked to return to the Filipina Summit in 2020 for the Pinay Power 2020 Reunion  in Washington DC.
  • Coordinate with FEMtorMatch™Committee.

100 Most Influential Filipina Women Selection Committee

  • Committee in charge for the annual worldwide search for the 100 Most Influential Filipina Women in the World
  • The search is a key initiative of FWN’s Pinay Power 2020—identify the Filipina women in every sector of the global economy
  • This prestigious recognition is a working award—the Global FWN100™ are invited to femtor a protégée. Both leaders are asked to return to the Filipina Summit in 2020 for the Pinay Power 2020 Reunion in Washington DC

College Relations & Outreach

  • Reach out to colleges, universities and high schools, developing relationships with the educational institutions’ Filipino clubs and collaborative programs to connect FWN members with young Filipina women.
  • Create contact lists as potential protégés.

Communications & PR

  • Members in charge of media outreach and marketing of FWN programs and events, development of media kits, marketing materials and archiving / reporting of media results.

Community Outreach

  • Members in charge of developing collaborative programs with Filipino organizations, women and minority groups.
  • Create contact lists.

Corporate Outreach (Filipino Employee Groups)

  • Members in charge of developing relationships with organizations who have Filipino Employee Groups, developing collaborative programs and encouraging these organizations to sponsor FWN memberships for their Filipina women employees.
  • Create contact lists.

Filipina Salo-Salo (dine-around)

  • Members in charge of planning logistics and execution of monthly networking and members’ birthday celebration events at various Filipino restaurants in the community.
  • Coordinate with other committees to design monthly agenda and topics.

Filipina Summit Steering Committee

  • The Steering Committee is in charge of the planning and execution of the annual Filipina Summit’s theme and goals.
  • The Filipina Women’s Network’s (FWN) annual Filipina Leadership Global Summit brings together Filipina women global leaders, influencers, thinkers and public figures for discussions, learning journeys, “kwentuhan strategies” on how to succeed as multi-cultural professionals and private chats to ignite cooperation through public and private partnerships. The high powered gathering is a vital part of FWN’s Pinay Power 2020 Mission:  A Filipina leader in every sector of the economy. It is the leading forum of its kind in the Filipina global community which inspires a renewed understanding of the Filipino culture’s emerging influence as a community.

    The highlight of the Summit is the announcement of Global FWN100™ Awardees at the Awards Ceremony and Gala.

    #FWNSUMMIT2015 info: www.filipinasummit.org


    2015 – 12th Summit: San Francisco - October 29 – November 1st
    2016 – 13th Summit: Manila - September 11 – 14
    2017 – 14th Summit: Toronto, Canada - October 19 – 22
    2018 – 15th Summit: London, UK - October 18 – 21
    2019 – 16th Summit: Hawaii - October 17 – 20
    2020 – 17th Summit: Washington, DC - October 1 – 4 “Pinay Power 2020 Reunion”

Filipina Time Capsule Project

  • Coordinate scheduling of video taping, photo shoot, publication of the FWN100™ in the FWN Magazine annual souvenir issue
  • Determine appropriate sponsors and advertisers that complement the goals of Pinay Power 2020.
  • Determine the most appropriate method in selecting the actual Time Capsule to archive the stories, artifacts, books, music, textiles, accessories and other items to document the accomplishments and meaningful lives of Filipina women

Filipina Women Who Could Be President Training Program

  • Members in charge or developing and executing the Emerging Leaders program for Filipina women.
  • Building the Filipina community’s pipeline of qualified leaders, to increase the odds that some will rise to the position of president in all sectors.
  • Three tracks: 1) Entrepreneur, 2) Public Service, 3) Management (complementing the FEMtorMatch™ Circles)

Filipinas Against Violence: V-Day FWN Cast & Crew

  • Members are involved in the annual campaign to end violence against Filipina women and girls in collaboration with Eve Ensler’s V-Day organization.
  • Join as a cast member or behind-the-scenes crew volunteer in the theatre production of The Vagina Monologues, Usaping Puki, and A Memory, A Monologue, A Rant and A Prayer (MMRP).
  • Shows are presented in May annually in San Francisco and other states based on demand and sponsorship. Auditions start in December/January.

FWN100™ - Pinay Power 2020 femtoring Circles

  • Members creating a community of Filipinas helping each other succeed and cultivating future community leaders.
  • There are four circles: 1) Management, 2) Public Service, 3) Entrepreneur, 4) Keepers of the Flame

FWN Magazine & V-Diaries Editorial Teams

  • Members in charge of the print and production of the FWN Magazine and V-Diaries (published annually).
  • FWN Magazine is the annual publication about the nuances of Filipina culture, empowerment articles, career strategies and highlighting the accomplishments of Filipina women in the U. S. Publication date: Fall.
  • V-Diaries is the anti-violence resource guide designed to provide a voice for domestic violence survivors and Filipina women and girls in abusive situations. Includes a resource list of domestic violence agencies, shelters, legal and counseling services and law enforcement offices. Publication date: Spring
  • The V-Diaries is also the Playbill for the V-Day shows.

Job & Business Referral Group

  • The purpose of the FWN Job and Business Group is to help each other find great work by sharing job, consulting, and business leads. Job seekers, career changers, consultants, and business owners wanting advice about career and business issues and organizational politics are welcome.
  • Members in charge of search for the unpublished postings of job openings, contracting and consulting opportunities, professional networking events, conferences, career fairs, trade shows, relevant articles, news releases and company leads are encouraged along with conversations and questions.
  • The goal is to help members find “hidden and unlisted,” job leads, consulting, and business opportunities. FWN is committed to supporting the Filipina community by providing resources and opportunities for career advancement and professional development. Our goal is to share our experiences and learning resources and build new knowledge together. Create contact lists.

Keepers of the Flame (Pinay Power 2020)

  • Sustaining Pinay Power 2020 is FWN’s biggest challenge. As the excitement dies down and reality sets in, many will drop out and others will pick up the torch.
  • The Keepers of the Flame are the caretakers, ensuring the vision is kept alive.

Member engagement

  • Members in charge of recruiting new members and creating networking events for FWN members.
  • Create prospect lists
  • Archive materials about Filipinas in politics and government service.

Power Lunch: Remarkable Filipina Women

  • Members in charge of the planning and logistics of the annual lunch meetings.
  • Two forums:
    • Make ME a Filipina Millionaire Forum - In support of Make Mine a Million $$$$$$ Business, a program of Count Me In for Women’s Economic Independence. Filipina entrepreneurs share their journey - how they reached their first million dollars in business, as they work their passion, achieve their dream and share their prosperity with those who need it.
    • Make ME a Filipina CEO - The message of Lean In for Filipina women-on-the-rise. Implications for Filipina Women of the World. Competitiveness and growth in the workplace. Joining the conversation, sharing "Lean In Moments", connecting with other Filipina women across the globe. Is Lean In the answer to Filipina Global100™ Power?

      An informal Kwentuhan (story telling) session (a la "The View") among kindred spirits of how being bi-cultural is both a challenge and an advantage in the global workplace.

    • FILIPINA VOICES: Changing the Face of Power - speakers engage in conversation and story-telling ala “The View” on various topics.

Professional Development Series Committee

  • Members in charge of the program logistics, including speaker recruitment, on-site management and other requirements for a successful event.
  • The Professional Development Series builds on the 12 life challenges which an individual confronts at each stage of adulthood.
  • The program is best appreciated when participants take the Life Empowerment Overview. It provides a practical foundation for career pathing and life planning. The overview takes a three-dimensional approach—the ability to reflect and learn from our past, acknowledge our accomplishments to date and design a future that could bring career satisfaction and life fulfillment.

Filipinas In Motion Circles

  • Discussion leaders of each group form the steering committee to ensure that the Filipinas in Motion goals are met.
  • These are small discussion groups of Filipina women in similar fields and professional areas of expertise. Each group has a Discussion Leader who will facilitate the flow of ideas and ensure participant sharing and empowerment.
  • Topics will cover career strategies, real-life stories (triumphs, struggles, accomplishments), an insider’s perspective on how Filipinas navigate their unique workplaces, and best practices on how to “arrive, survive, and thrive” in the world of work.
  • These small group discussions will provide an environment to restart thought processes and expand thinking. Participants can sign up for any group of their choice.
    • Filipinas in Motion Discussion Groups (Leaders needed)
      • Filipinas in the Arts
      • Filipinas in Education
      • Filipina Entrepreneurs
      • Filipinas in Finance (Mortgage Advisors and Realtors)
      • Filipinas in Government & Uniform (Law Enforcement)
      • Filipinas in Healthcare
      • Filipinas in Human Resources, Organization Development & Training
      • Filipinas in Law
      • Filipinas in Communications (Public Relations, Marketing and Social Media)
      • Filipinas in Nonprofit, Faith & Community Organizations
      • Filipinas in Politics Filipinas in Science & Technology Filipina Students

Filipina Historical Collection

  • Members in charge of documenting the achievements of Filipina women
  • Coordinate with the Time Capsule Project and the FWN100™