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About the Fellowship

The Filipina Women Who Could Be President Fellowship Training is a selective part-time leadership development program for future politicians, entrepreneurs, senior and executive leaders in the United States.

Based on established leadership competencies which includes cohort training, coaching and femtoring, the program gives Filipina women leaders the skillsets and networks they need to develop and manage highly effective campaigns and organizations in the private and public sectors.

Program Elements

During the program, Fellows will work with FWN Faculty comprised of national experts, guest trainers, management consultants, successful entrepreneurs, elected officials and campaign consultants to build their leadership and management skills and prepare for entrepreneurship, political office, and senior / executive leadership positions.

FWN Fellows will participate in:

  • Training Workshops
  • One-on-one and Small Group Coaching
  • Project-based Learning
  • Networking
  • Complete individual project that solves a social issue and benefits the community

Application Process and Commitment

  • The application process will require applicant to choose one of three leadership training tracks –entrepreneurship, public service, or management.
  • FWN will select up to 28 participants carefully selected to represent the Filipino American community in terms of leadership potential, volunteer experience and a strong interest in one of the three learning areas.
  • Because self-awareness is a key aspect of the leadership program, applicants when accepted, will be asked to fill out several assessment surveys prior to attending. Some of the surveys require that evaluations be completed by the participant’s superiors, peers and direct reports.
  • Participants will meet for 2 ½ days for 4 sessions in San Francisco + a bonus session by attending the Filipina Summit. One session may be planned in another city if sponsorship is secured. 
  • Commitment is paramount—participants will commit to all sessions and will only be allowed to miss one excused absence. Will not officially graduate if participant does not make up the missed class.

Organizational Outcomes

  • Build the Filipina community’s and FWN’s pipeline of qualified leaders, to increase the odds that some will rise to the “President” position in all sectors (government, corporate, business, nonprofit, military and public service).
  • The participant’s sponsoring organization, will gain a high-potential employee who will learn the critical qualities and behaviors that lead to success in leadership, management and executive roles.

Participant Outcomes

  • Gain an honest picture of leadership strengths and developmental needs, and recognize learning priorities.
  • Increase understanding of the perceptions and issues surrounding women’s leadership.
  • Leverage the advantages of a bi-cultural identity, clarifying personal values and their fit within the organizational culture.
  • Explore the choices, tradeoffs and rewards as multicultural women juggling personal and professional goals.
  • Develop a personal model of power and influence and effectively apply it in the workplace.
  • Learn the skill of receiving and giving authentic feedback.
  • Learn strategies to overcome the biases and discomforts and exercise political know-how.
  • Design a continuous learning development plan with a career coach

Curriculum Design & Faculty

  • Faculty will be recruited from experts with actual business, management or political campaign experience, rather than theory, from practitioners, elected officials, political consultants, corporate executives and leaders. 
  • The leadership program incorporates a strategy for change grounded on research and a continuing study which focuses on key events that have impacted the careers of high potential managers.
  • The program will utilize the 360-degree, multi-rater feedback instrument from the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) that will provide the participants a confidential report on how they are doing compared to a similar norm group. 
  • Provides feedback on how successful leaders develop and why they derail*. 

*Derailment refers to why leaders who were expected to succeed in their organizations but had their careers dropped involuntarily by being demoted, plateaued, or fired.

Filipina Women Who Could Be President

Fellowship Training is designed GROUNDED ON RESEARCH-BASED Leadership Competencies*

1) Leading the Organization

  • Resourcefulness
  • Decisiveness
  • Being a Quick Study

2) Leading Yourself

  • Self-Awareness
  • Straightforwardness and Composure
  • Balance Between Personal Life and Work
  • Doing Whatever It Takes
  • Career Management

3) Leading Others

  • Self-Awareness
  • Building and Mending Relationships
  • Leading Employees/Volunteers
  • Compassion and Sensitivity
  • Participative Management
  • Putting People at Ease
  • Differences Matter
  • Confronting Problem
  • Employees / Volunteers 

4) Global Competencies

  • Decision Maker 
  • Negotiator 
  • Business Knowledge 
  • Coping 
  • International Business 
  • Perspective Taking 
  • Innovator 
  • Cultural Adaptability 

Potential for Derailment: In addition, the 360-degree feedback instrument identifies 5 potential flaws that may stall or derail a promising career:

  • Problems with Interpersonal Relationships 
  • Difficulty Building and Leading a Team 
  • Difficulty Changing or Adapting 
  • Failure to Meet Business Objectives 
  • Too Narrow Functional Orientation 

*Leadership Competencies and Derailment Factors are based on research conducted by the Center for Creative Leadership

Fellowship Training Schedule

1st Session:

Day 1 (ALL participants)—Friday afternoon

  • Check-in & Connect
  • Leadership Program Overview
  • Leveraging personal networks
  • Mentoring vs Coaching Models

Day 2 (join respective learning tracks)—Saturday

Leadership Competencies (ALL)

  • Global Competencies
  • CCL research-based developmental themes for Filipino American women leaders
  • 360-degree feedback confidential report
  • Understanding Yourself – behavioral strengths and developmental areas
  • Behavior patterns that influence leadership style and power
  • Forge connections with fellow participants

Day 3 (join respective learning tracks)—Sunday

Public Service Track

  • Nonprofit, Government, Political Leadership Campaigns and Elections
  • The legislative system and public policy advocacy
  • Impacting public policy through community organizing

Entrepreneurship Track

  • Being in Business in the 21st Century
  • Start a business from scratch
  • Starting a consultancy
  • Buying a franchise
  • Buying an existing business

Management Track

  • Professional
  • Corporate
  • Individual Contributor
  • Organizational Cultures

End of 1st Session Integration

  • Participants gather for debrief and integration of learning experiences.

BONUS Session: Attend the Annual Filipina Summit - complimentary registration

2nd Session:

Day 1 (ALL participants) – Friday afternoon

Leadership Competencies (ALL) (Focus on Self)

  • Check-in & Connect
  • Personality and interpersonal needs self assessment (assessments completed prior to attending)
  • Political behaviors in relation to power and influence
  • Experiential activity

Day 2 & 3 (join respective learning tracks)—Saturday & Sunday

Public Service Track

  • Getting ready to run
  • Developing a Campaign Plan
  • Messaging – Voters / Media Research

Entrepreneurship Track

  • Strategy
  • Business Vision and Planning
  • Business Systems and Processes

Management Track

  • Interpersonal Savvy
  • Learning from Experience
  • Executive Credibility and Image

End of 2nd Session Integration

  • Participants gather for debrief and integration of learning experiences.

3rd Session:

Day 1 (ALL participants) – Friday afternoon

Leadership Competencies (ALL) (Focus on Others)

  • Check-in & Connect
  • Assessment of one’s authority, influence, collaboration and leadership effectiveness with the organizational context
  • Experiential activity

Day 2 & 3 (join respective learning tracks)—Saturday & Sunday

Public Service Track

  • Are you ready to run?
  • Coalition Building
  • Endorsements
  • Fundraising

Entrepreneurship Track

  • Marketing Matters
  • Marketing Models
  • Financing Your Business
  • Financing Models

Management Track

  • Forging Synergy
  • Leveraging Differences
  • Global Awareness
  • Inspiring Commitment
  • Developing and Empowering Others
  • Communicating Effectively
  • Professional Presence
  • Business Etiquette

End of 3rd Session Integration

  • Participants gather for debrief and integration of learning experiences.

4th Session:

Day 1 (ALL participants) – Friday afternoon

Leadership Competencies (ALL) (Focus on the Organization)

  • Check-in and Dinner
  • Leadership behaviors rewarded in one’s organization
  • One-on-one session with a CCL feedback coach

Day 2 & 3 (join respective learning tracks) —Saturday & Sunday

Public Service Track

Staff & Structure


Personal Image and Presentation

The Home Stretch After the Election

Entrepreneurship Track

  • Accessing Support & Networks
  • Action Planning
  • Entrepreneurial Development Plan
  • Mentoring / Matching

Management Track

  • Leading Change
  • Sound Judgment
  • Courage
  • Strategic Planning
  • Results Orientation
  • The Business Perspective

End of 4th Session Integration

  • Integration, goal setting, strategy building Next Steps Graduation Presentation of Individual Projects

Fellowship Nominee / Application Process

The President Fellowship Program is open to all Filipina women nationwide. The sessions will be held in San Francisco. One session may be planned in another city if sponsorship is secured.


We invite you to nominate Filipina women from within your organization, professional association, nonprofit, affinity and social networks—who you strongly believe can benefit from this Fellowship training.

Nominees should be professional and credible, demonstrate leadership potential, have 4-6 years work experience and/or life experience, are involved in community volunteerism, have a strong interest in the areas of public service, entrepreneurship and management, AND able to attend all 4 sessions + 1 bonus session (Filipina Summit).


Please complete the form online by answering all questions completely. Include all information which you believe is the most outstanding and relevant to help us in the selection process.


Please take note—information you share will be used in FWN announcements and materials to publicize your selection and Fellowship Binder for the participants.

Application DEADLINE is December 15, 2015.

If your application is completed fully, you will be informed within 10 days after receipt of your submission to schedule an interview. Full tuition payment is due before the training begins.

Limited scholarships are available. See scholarship portion on the application form.

More info, email indicating on subject line “FWN President Fellowship”.

Please take note of the nomination/application process:

1) Complete the online nomination form and pay the $50 non-refundable application fee (applied to your tuition fee, if accepted).

Accepted Fellows will receive the following:

  • A one-year complimentary FWN professional membership
  • Complimentary tuition to attend the Annual Filipina Summit
  • A 360-degree assessment that will measure the skills learned through development that are critical for success, as well as, possible career derailers.
  • A personal career development coach for one calendar year who will work with your 360-degree feedback results and help you develop your career strategy.
  • All materials
  • Most meals

Tuition for the President Fellowship is $2,488 due upon acceptance. Limited funds may be available for partial scholarships for applicants employed by nonprofits, government and small businesses.

2) Choose your Learning Track of interest:

  • Public Service
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Management


3) Secure a nominating letter from your sponsoring organization addressed to the “FWN President Fellowship Selection Committee” indicating:

  • Endorsement of the nominee/applicant.
    Why would this nominee be a valuable addition to the President Fellowship? How long has she been involved with your organization and under what circumstances?
  • Organizational links to Fellowship content.
    In what ways does the Fellowship link to your organizational goals and strategies? How do you think the nominee/applicant can benefit and achieve upon completion of the Fellowship? How will you and/or your organization support and continue to interact with nominee/applicant through the course of the Fellowship and after completion?

4) Indicate your commitment to attend all 4 sessions as scheduled + attend the Filipina Summit in San Francisco (as a bonus session).

5) Apply online. Ready to apply? Click here for the online application.