Filipina Women’s Network Media Kit

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The organization's name is Filipina Women's Network. The name does NOT use Filipino (with an O) nor does it use Woman (with an A or in the singular). FWN may also be used to identify the organization.

The award is 100 Most Influential Filipina Women in the World or Global FWN100™ for awards handed out from 2013 to the present. 

For awards handed out in 2007, 2009, 2011 and 2012, the award is 100 Most Influential Filipina Women in the U.S. or U.S. FWN100™.

Note that the shortened designation FWN100™ is marked with the superscript TM.

The Filipina leadership book series are titled DISRUPT. Filipina Women: Proud. Loud. Leading Without A Doubt. for the first book in the series released in October 2014 and DISRUPT 2.0. Filipina Women: Daring To Lead for the second book released in 2016, and DISRUPT 3.0. Filipina Women: RISING released in 2018.

FWN’s domestic violence awareness campaign is Filipinas Against Violence. The annual benefit fundraiser is referred to as V-Day FWN: Filipinas Against Violence.


FWN Logos & Brand Assets

All FWN logos, images and graphic assets are copyright by Filipina Women's Network. All rights reserved.

The Filipina Women’s Network logo and brand assets are used by individuals and groups who like to align themselves with FWN, its initiatives, programs and events.

They are also used for non-saleable, non-commercial items and resources. Of course we want to make sure the FWN brand and logo are always used for good and in ways that benefit Filipina women.

Therefore, we simply ask for a bit of background information about how you may be looking to use the logo, so we can keep an eye on things. And for us, it’s also an awesome way to hear about the amazing activities going around the world, much of which we like to celebrate and help amplify.



For more detailed information about the Filipina Women’s Network and its programs, please visit our About and Programs pages.

About Filipina Women’s Network

The Filipina Women's Network (FWN) is a San Francisco based non-profit international advocacy organization with members in 25 countries that seeks to increase the power of Filipina women as leaders and policy makers at all levels in corporate, government, institutions and community organizations to achieve economic and social justice and women’s rights.

FWN’s mission is to advance Filipina women in the global workplace through programs and activities that enhance public perceptions of Filipina women's capacities to lead and to build the Filipina community's pipeline of qualified leaders, to increase the odds that some Filipina women will rise to the ‘president’ position in the private and public sectors worldwide. We promote the social welfare of Filipina women and advocate for Filipina women's rights.

FWN provides the content; credibility and community to help women of Philippine ancestry succeed in their businesses and careers. FWN provides knowledge, products, education, research and a worldwide network for Filipina women professionals.

FWN provides Filipina women with opportunities to share practical career and business experiences. This focus on actual career and business experiences, rather than theory, from practitioners, corporate managers, entrepreneurs, elected/appointed officials, nonprofit and community leaders, along with peer networking, are the distinguishing features of FWN meetings.


  • 49% of members have a household income of over $150k and 14% indicated $110k and above; 79% are homeowners vs 20% renters.

  • FWN members are educational achievers—28% have post-grad degrees, 27% have graduate degrees, 20% have college degrees.

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About the Filipina Leadership Global Summit

The Filipina Women’s Network’s annual Filipina Leadership Global Summit brings together Filipina women global leaders, influencers, thinkers and public figures for discussions, learning journeys, “kwentuhan strategies” on how to succeed as multi-cultural professionals and private chats to ignite cooperation through public and private partnerships. The high powered gathering is a vital part of FWN’s Pinay Power 2020 Mission: A Filipina leader in every sector of the economy. It is the leading forum of its kind in the Filipina global community which inspires a renewed understanding of the Filipino culture’s emerging influence as a community.

The summit is FWN's signature fundraiser with proceeds funding FWN’s programs that foster the Filipina women’s socio- economic, political and educational advancement in addition to raising awareness of FWN’s pipeline development of qualified next generation leaders to increase the odds that some will rise to the “president” position.

The Summit convenes sessions, presentations, and Learning Journeys to confront issues and barriers that affect the economic trade and investment opportunities of Filipina women business owners and the careers of Filipina professionals in the Philippines, U.S. and countries with a high population of Filipina women. 

The highlight of the Summit is the announcement of the complete list of the Global FWN100™ Awardees at the Awards Ceremony and Gala.

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About the GLOBAL FWN100™ Awards

The Most Influential Filipina Women in the World Award™ recognizes Filipina women who are influencing the face of leadership in the global workplace, having reached status for outstanding work in their respective fields and are recognized for their leadership, achievement and contributions to society, femtorship and legacy. Learn more at

The awardees are asked to femtor a young Pinay through our robust FEMtorMatch™ program and bring her to the Filipina Summit. The highlight of the summit is the gathering of the Global FWN100TM Awardees from around the world and the authors of the first book on Filipina leadership, DISRUPT. Filipina Women: Proud. Loud. Leading Without A Doubt.


FWN Programs

FWN Chapter FEMtorMatch™- FWN’s strategy for developing next generation leaders through local and global partnerships between FEMtors™ (female mentors) and FEMtees™ (female mentees). Trained FEMtors™and screened FEMtees™ are matched in one-on-one partnerships through a secure FWN FEMtorMatch™ website. FWN’s FEMtorMatch™ Competencies list the 94 areas of competencies and 810 skills that enable Filipina professionals to do successful work in the global workplace. Learn more at

DISRUPT: Filipina Leadership Book Series - Publication series to document the leadership competencies of Filipina women in management and leadership positions in countries worldwide. The book project is key to FWN’s strategy in building its pipeline of qualified leaders that some will rise to the ‘president’ position. Learn more at

FWN Chapter Development - FWN has a pilot chapter in Los Angeles, California. For more info on how to start a chapter, please go to

Professional Development Series- Builds on the 12 Basic Needs and how our attempts at work/life balance influence our Web of Work. It provides a practical foundation for career pathing and life planning. Sessions include Board and Commissions Appointments, Filipinas in Motion Circles, Civic Engagement. Learn more at

FWN Fellows- Development of future leaders by accepting interns who’ll receive hands-on experience with FWN programs and build the community’s talent pipeline. Learn more at

Filipina Women Who Could Be President Fellowship- A selective part-time leadership development program for future politicians, entrepreneurs, senior and executive leaders in the U.S. Based on established competencies which includes cohort training, coaching and femtoring. The program gives Filipina women the skillsets and networks they need to develop and manage highly effective campaigns and organizations. Learn more at

Filipina Women Against Violence- A campaign to raise funding and awareness of the high incidence of domestic violance and human/labor trafficking in the Filipino community thru CourtWatch, The Vagina Monologues and One Billion Rising productions in collaboration with V-Day. Learn more at

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