Stephanie Lomibao

MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: Cynthia Rapaido (U.S. FWN100™ '11) and Stephanie Lomibao (Global FWN100™ '15)


Cynthia Rapaido
Principal and Adjunct Professor, South San Francisco High School/University of San Francisco
San Leandro, CA

Fil-Am Shero in the U.S.: My parents and my five siblings are my role models for strength, courage, love, support and encouragement. Dr. Rica Llorente and Thelma Boac as my professional role models and mentors.

Biggest workplace challenge as a Fil-Am woman: Filipino values at times contradict Western values such as respect for elders and those of authority/hierarchy. Filipino culture finds it disrespectful to disagree with elders while it is expected and important to speak up, have a voice and assert oneself in Western culture.

Filipino custom or tradition I would like to pass onto others: Respect for elders, honoring family, humility, offering food in large portions at family gatherings, treating others when it is your birthday and giving back to your parents.

Stephanie Lomibao

Stephanie Lomibao
Senior Vice President, Philanthropy Manager, Bank of America
Los Angeles, California, USA

If there is one professional accomplishment and/or influential action that makes you very proud from your body of work, what would that be? I helped to illuminate Bank of America’s philanthropic investments in hunger relief, military support, diversity and inclusion - especially for the intellectually disabled - through cause-related promotions and bank-owned channels as part of the integrated enterprise team.

Workplace challenge as a Filipina woman and why: Challenging the status quo in Corporate America - looking different from the stereotypical executive.

What's the best part of being a Filipina woman leader? Embracing my heritage as a distinction and strength in all that I do.