February 13: Bay Area Rising Presents 1 Vision! 1 Voice! 1 Victory!


Bay Area Rising 2016 presents: ARTISTIC UPRISING!
Bay Area Rising is raising the bar...

Bay Area Rising's signature VDay event to end violence against women and girls will be held at Sweets Ballroom in Oakland on February 13th 2016 from 7-9:30 PM. This year they are focusing on the resilience of women of color.

Bay Area Rising is honored to announce ALICIA GARZA, founder of the Black Lives Matter movement, will be the keynote speaker along with high energy musical performances by MEDUSA, "the Angela Davis of hip-hop" and Skip the Needle, a rock band made up of the huge successful talent of Kofy Brown, Shelley Doty, Katie Colpitts, and the incomparable Vicki Randle. 
Additionally, there will be vocal and drumming workshops, art exhibits and local D.V. prevention organizations providing resources and support. 

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