Birthdays in the Cemetery by Katinka Floro Rodriguez, A Memoir of a Filipina Woman’s World War II Childhood

Birthdays in the Cemetery - Katinka Floro Rodriguez

Before the war, Katinka Floro is a lively six-year-old girl living peacefully in Manila. Her life with her large extended family is simple and carefree. Then one morning just after Pearl Harbor Day, Katinka awakens abruptly when a bomb falls a block from her home. As the war goes on, Katinka and her family endure the loss of her brother, suffer deprivation and illness, and witness the cruelty of the Japanese soldiers. After the war ends, her life continues, but her experiences of living through the war remain in her soul’s depths.

Rodriguez writes about her childhood on the war-torn streets of Manila with a sincere and vivid voice, bringing to life the often-neglected story of World War II in the Philippines, a time and a culture that many Americans and Filipinos know little about.

Birthdays in the Cemetery from Alford Marr Press takes a different point of view from many familiar stories of the war by showing how people’s minds and hearts came together in unity during a time of struggle. This memoir is also rich in details about Filipino culture, and it includes historical maps, original photographs, and an illustrated Tagalog glossary.

About the Author:
Katinka Floro Rodriguez was born in Manila and came to the United States in her late teens. She was an award-winning photographer who lived in Indiana and California. Her story will touch you with her gentle humor and generous spirit.

Alford Marr Press is based in Seattle, Washington.