Cecile Gregorio Ascalon (Global FWN100™ '15) Appointed New Head of Pilipino Senior Resource Center in San Francisco


Cecile Gregorio Ascalon is the new Executive Director of the Pilipino Senior Resource Center, a nonprofit serving Filipinos in the South of Market area.  PSRC provides health, housing and legal services as well as psychological counseling, case management and social engagement.

"I hope to raise and enhance the sense of dignity and self-worth of our clients by inspiring and enabling them to be independent and be more involved in community activities. I also want to uplift their lives by improving the Center’s services and information on aging. It can provide the emotional support system to help reduce depression and loneliness," said Cecile Ascalon.

Cecile's credentials include a professional Diploma in Family Ministries (Family Spirituality, Psychology and Counseling) from the Ateneo de Manila School of Theology and a certificate of Clinical Apprenticeship in Pastoral Care and Counseling from the same institution's Center for Family Ministries.

The agency also will give its executive director opportunity to honor someone special in her life.

"'PSRC has a Breast Cancer Support Program... [that] is very significant to me because four years ago, my youngest sister passed away because of breast cancer," she shared.  "I feel that I am called to increase and improve this program so that I can help save lives."

Cecile is married to Jaime Ramon Ascalon, Philippine Deputy Consul General in San Francisco and the western regions of the United States and Canada.

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