Filipina Expat in Dubai Lands Dream Photography Gig

Image courtesy of Debbie Fortes from  24/7 Emirates .

Image courtesy of Debbie Fortes from 24/7 Emirates.

Dubai-based Filipino expat Debbie Fortes says she is now chasing her dream after a picture that she clicked with her iPhone 6 was selected by Apple for its global ad campaign.

Apple launched the global #ShotOniPhone6 campaign in March this year. “People take incredible photos and videos on iPhone 6 every day,” Apple says, sharing the images of 77 photographers from 70 cities and 24 countries.

Debbie is one of them, and her breath-taking shot of the Liwa desert is now being to be featured in magazines, newspapers, billboards, transit posters and more.

“The image has now gone live in 70 cities in 25 countries, in subways, airports, major highways and magazines,” she tells Emirates 24|7.

An avid photographer, Debbie says she’s now chasing her dream as interest in her work has grown thanks to the Apple campaign.

“I was offered to become a full-time professional photographer. I am now chasing my dream and making it happen,” Debbie says when asked if there had been any additional interest in her professional work after the Apple campaign.

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News story courtesy of Emirates 24/7