FWN Launches the Tacloban 34 Women Microfinance Fund in Tacloban

34 Fund - Tacloban.JPG

On January 20th, Filipina Women's Network launched the Tacloban 34 Women Fund, a micro enterprise revolving loan fund for 34 women residents of Habitat for Humanity Kawayanville in Tacloban, Leyte. The initiative was financed by funds raised for Rebuild Tacloban.

FWN met with the 34 women at Kawayanville's Women's Friendly Space for an afternoon of discussions around the needs of their communities and families two years after Typhoon Yolanda destroyed their families, homes and businesses. Two years later, many have re-settled and moved into permanent homes such as the Habitat for Humanity Kawayanville and are now seeking livelihood and business opportunities.

The 34 women of Kawayanville pitched to FWN the small businesses they intend to establish to meet the much-needed services in their newly-built community. Businesses include sari sari stores, food processing (tocino, longanisa, muron, fish balls), school supplies, fish vending, a hair salon, laundry and sewing services and a business center.

Marily challenged the 34 women to huddle and come up with their own accountability guidelines on how they intend to manage, grow and sustain the fund. In two hours, they established their ground rules, elected their officers and formed the Kawanyanville Tacloban 34 Women Microfinance Fund Association. The Association is comprised of two treasurers, a vice president, president and a Board of Directors, all of whom were elected to provide oversight, support and workshops to manage the microfunding project. All loan payments will flow back to the fund to support future projects. 

We'll be profiling the women in the months to come to track their ongoing progress, goals and initiatives in our weekly ePahayagan. For more news on the 34 Fund or the Kawayanville 34 Women's Association, visit the Kawayanville 34 Women's Association Facebook page