20% Holiday Gift Offer from FWN'er Carissa Villacorta (U.S. FWN100™ '07): Gift Time and Wellness with a Philip Stein Watch

Representing Philip Stein U.S., Carissa Villacorta (U.S. FWN100™ '07) is gifting 20% off to FWN members on any purchase from the PhilipStein.com website from anywhere in North America and Europe. Just use the code CVHoliday20 at checkout.

Philip Stein is more than just a luxury watch — it is a wellness accessory. 

Philip Stein creates luxury timepieces with sophisticated, yet understated, appeal. Each refined timepiece is a statement in watchmaking excellence. These meticulously crafted watches showcase simple, timeless designs while exuding character and class. Its unique Natural Frequency Disc, found in each accessory, helps to sync your natural rhythms so each day brings calmness, clarity and balance. Discover your perfect timepiece and enjoy life ‘in tune.’

Dubbed by Oprah as the “feel good watch”, each Philip Stein watch or bracelet, is equipped with Philip Stein’s unique Natural Frequency Technology, a chip that helps the wearer tune in to the earth’s beneficial alpha waves to become more energized, focused, and resilient against stress. Devoted customers who have felt positive effects from Natural Frequency Technology for years, attest to the clinical study results that show Philip Stein wearers experience increased focus, improved sleep, and reduced stress with continued use.

The dual timezone is ideal for frequent travelers like FWN women. Thewatches’ interchangeable strap system allows versatile in style.


About Philip Stein

Philip Stein is an international brand and company focused on helping people live in tune with health, and in style. Fusing luxury and beautiful designs with their unique and revolutionary Natural Frequency Technology™, their accessories (such as watches, jewelry, sleep bracelets and fragrances) harness the earth’s electromagnetic oscillations that are scientifically proven to benefit humans. This helps their customers feel more focused and less stressed on a day-to-day basis, thus improving their quality of life. Philip Stein was founded in 2002 by Miami-based entrepreneurs Will and Rina Stein. Filipinos are close to their hearts, having even produced Limited Edition Watches designed with and inspired by Lea Salonga.  Today, Philip Stein creations are found in over 30 countries around the world. For more info, visit: www.PhilipStein.com