FIL-AM Balita: Holy Name Medical Center in Texas Launches First Filipino-Based Medical Program.

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Holy Name Medical Center in Teaneck, N.J., has launched the first hospital-based Filipino Medical Program in the U.S. Under the umbrella of Holy Name’s Asian Health Services, the program is designed to meet the medical needs of this community in a culturally sensitive environment and provide healthcare amenities to make Filipino-American patients and their families feel welcome and comfortable, according to a news release.

“Holy Name Medical Center’s Filipino Medical Program continues the hospital’s mission to provide culturally-sensitive care,” Holy Name Medical Center President and CEO Michael Maron said in a news release. “The hospital’s Asian Health Services program has become a national model for building sustainable initiatives that improve population health by partnering with physicians, volunteers and charitable donor.”

Customized services include Filipino cuisine items added to the hospital menu for inpatients, Filipino newspapers and cable television channels in patients’ rooms, a translated patient guide, translation services, a dedicated community hotline and a network of Filipino-American physicians.

In New Jersey, the Filipino population increased by more than 23% between 2000 and 2010, and continues to grow, according to the release. More than 116,341 Filipino-Americans live in New Jersey, with the largest groups living in Hudson and Bergen counties. The largest concentrations of Filipinos are in Bergenfield in Bergen County (4,569) and Jersey City (16,213) in Hudson County.

“Holy Name honors the uniqueness of every individual,” Kyung Hee Choi, vice president of Asian health services, said in the release. “Personalizing care for our Filipino patients engenders trust and a sense of security, making patients feel at home. Offering medical services with culturally appropriate healthcare amenities has made patients feel more comfortable at the medical center, encouraging them to undergo preventive screenings and helped them to be more proactive in maintaining their health.”

Holy Name Medical Center’s Asian Health Services also includes the Korean Medical Program established in 2008, the Chinese Medical Program launched earlier in 2015.

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