ASK A FILIPINA: #3 DISRUPT Leadership Tip from Chief Diversity Officer, Air National Guard, and Colonel Shirley S. Raguindin (U.S. FWN 100™ '07)

Colonel Shirley S. Raguindin, US FWN100™ '07

Colonel Shirley S. Raguindin, US FWN100™ '07

"Look toward the future but never forget where you came from. Based on their love for me, my parents, like many parents, only wanted what was best for their children. Recognize the challenges in our Filipino culture and traditions, and turn these challenges into strengths while giving back to society and mentoring next generation leaders." 

—Colonel Shirley S. Raguindin, Chief Diversity Officer, Air National Guard, Chief of Diversity, National Guard Bureau, from DISRUPT. Filipina Women: Proud. Loud. Leading Without  A Doubt. p136


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Colonel Shirley S. Raguindin serves as Chief Diversity Officer for the Air National Guard as principal advisor to the Director of the Air National Guard, Lt Gen Stanley E. Clarke III. She also advises the Chief, National Guard Bureau and the ANG Readiness Center Commander. She is responsible for the strategic direction, implementation and alignment of ANG’s integrated global diversity and inclusion initiatives to achieve the highest state of military readiness to over 106,000 Airmen. She also interacts with several DoD and federal agencies on behalf of the Director, Air National Guard.