Meriam Reynosa (Global FWN100™ '13 ) on DISRUPT. Filipina Women: Proud. Loud. Leading Without a Doubt.

Image credit: Meriam Reynosa.

Image credit: Meriam Reynosa.

"My partner gifted me for the holiday season my very own copy of FWN's first book on leadership: DISRUPT. Filipina Women: Proud. Loud. Leading Without a Doubt. I was overcome with joy, by how much my partner knew the importance of receiving this collection of amazing stories that would inspire me. 

As I read DISRUPT, I am filled with anticipation and admiration. The memoirs of these incomparable Filipina women throughout the world impassion me. I used to look for women who were "Just like Me" and I now realize they were around me all along. I have found them. My grandmothers, my aunties, my mother, the women of FWN, Filipina women here in the states and beyond, WE ARE EVERYWHERE. And finally, we have these influential narratives from Filipina women leaders all in one publication. FINALLY.

Their stories fill my heart with hope and challenge me to continue my journey and to tell my own story of overcoming adversity, sharing my aspirations and plans to encourage other Pinays to be leaders and to have a voice, as many of these women have done for me.

In 2013, I was blessed to be recognized as a Global FWN100™ Emerging Leader. I embrace the title proudly and I am thankful to my Filipina women sisters who recognize my accomplishments and challenge me to continue on as a leader in the community. In reading every word of DISRUPT, I hear the strong voices of these phenomenal women calling to me- the women who came before me and stand beside me, encouraging me to do so much more.  My story is emerging. It is my hope to make all of you proud, to continue to be loud and lead without a doubt."

- Meriam Reynosa, Global FWN100™ '13

Image credit:  Meriam Reynosa

Image credit: Meriam Reynosa