Millenial-driven "Artisan Made Philippines" Pop-up (Oct. 1) Showcases Philippine Social Enterprises

ArtisanMade Philippines

October marks Filipino-American History Month and what better way to celebrate than highlighting Filipino social enterprises.

On Saturday, October 1, Artisan Made Philippines will hold its first pop-up event, which will bring several Philippine-based fashion and lifestyle enterprises to Los Angeles.

The event is the brainchild of social entrepreneur Kristine Surla, founder and creative director of the organization, which was inspired by her Filipino heritage. She is also the founder and founding member of the Los Angeles chapter of Young Women Social Entrepreneurs.

“I’ve always loved everything about the artisan, handmade goods in the Philippines,” Surla told the Asian Journal. “I was born there but grew up here. I always had a strong connection toward the Philippines and wanting to do something back there…to support and make a difference in some way shape or form.”

The event begins at 1 p.m. with an eco-fashion show, featuring artisan-made pieces from Filip+Inna, designs made from tribal weaving, embroidery and beadwork; Rags2Riches (R2R), which uses upcycled, overstock cloth & indigenous fabrics for accessories; ANTHILL, hand-loomed fabrics; and Woven. Models will be wearing makeup by Human Nature, an all-natural personal care and cosmetics brand that carries the slogan “pro-Philippines, pro-poor and pro-environment.”

One of the #RoleModels* featured during the fashion show will be Ivan Altamirano, mayor of the City of Commerce, Surla shared.

“To me, these are some of the best in the social enterprise space. Hopefully, this is just the beginning of sharing what can be created in the Philippines,” she said.

The event is not just for Filipinos, Surla said. It can serve as a good introduction of Philippine-made products to the broader LA community.

“Our hope is that it will really shift…the perspective of what can be made in the Philippines because I feel that often times, if things are made in Southeast Asia…it doesn’t have as a high caliber,” she said.

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