Myths about Female Mixed Martial ArtistS BUSTED

          Photo Credit: - U.S. FWN100™ '09 Ana Julaton

          Photo Credit: - U.S. FWN100™ '09 Ana Julaton

Women’s mixed martial arts (WMMA) is quickly gaining popularity and coming to the forefront of the sports world. However, there still exist some misconceptions and myths about WMMA that are held by a large portion of the population.

1. WMMA is all hype

Not true. WMMA competitions date back to the mid-1990s and there has also been multiple female-only MMA organizations that have been active for years. WMMA has not been getting as much press or attention as male MMA throughout the years, but it has been around for almost as long and is quickly growing in popularity. In Asia, there are a large number of rising WMMA stars that are putting the sport in the forefront such as ONE Championship’s Angela Lee, Kirstie Gannaway, Ann Osman and Ana Julaton.

 2. WMMA is not as skilled as the men’s

Not true. All of these women who compete in pro MMA are extremely skilled and have put years and years into honing their craft, just like the men have. There have been numerous black belts, Olympians and other champions that have competed in WMMA and are fully capable of competing on the same stage that men are. For example, ONE Championship’s Ana Julaton is a two-time world boxing champion and is currently competing in both pro boxing and MMA.

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