Run Filipina Run: Educating Asian American Women for Politics Pre-Conference at the Center for American Women in Politics

CAWP Rising Stars

Let's get more Filipina-Americans running for office! Ready to Run® is an annual, bi-partisan program convened by the Center for American Women and Politics for women who want to run for office, work on a campaign, get appointed to office, become community leaders, or learn more about the political system. 

Participants will walk away with:

  • "how-to" instructions on running for office 
  • fundraising and media skills  
  • real-world advice and best practices from experts
  • more effective leadership skills
  • a better understanding of party politics
  • internet strategies for campaigns 

View the full program agenda online.

Special pre-conference programs for women of color will be offered on Friday, March 10th, to encourage more women of color to run for office including:

Rising Stars: Educating Asian American Women for Politics

CAWP, together with a steering committee of Asian American women leaders, sponsors Rising Stars: Educating Asian American Women for Politics, a preconference session of the Ready to Run® Campaign Training for Women. Rising Stars participants attend a half-day session that targets issues of particular interest to Asian American women running for political office.  Rising Stars participants then attend Ready to Run® to learn about the nuts and bolts of working on a campaign. Ready to Run® offers a unique opportunity for potential women candidates to hear directly from prominent elected and appointed leaders, campaign consultants, and party officials about how to get Ready to Run. Topics covered include fundraising, navigating the political parties, working with the media, and developing a campaign plan.  

Elección Latina
Run Sister Run: Women of the African Diaspora Changing the Political Landscape