Summit Session Highlight: Make Me a Filipina Millionaire

make me a filipina millionaire

One of our most popular Summit panels, Make Me A Filipina Millionaire, is back this year with a focus on Breaking Barriers in Business, VCs, Opportunities.

This popular speaker panel features Filipina entrepreneurs sharing their personal journeys in business, how they overcome barriers in funding and opportunities. Walk away with tips on how to navigate the world of business and be inspired.

Are our Filipina women entrepreneurs business disrupters or sustainers? Our billionaires will engage in a bold conversation on becoming billionaires, how they did it, sustain it and own their success without the guilt yet sharing their prosperity with those who need it. Attendees will leave the session feeling proud of our Filipina sisters who took action on their ideas.

Remarkable Filipina entrepreneurs will engage us in proud, loud, and leave-no-doubt-type-of-conversation and story-telling ala "The View".

• How they reached their first million (billion!) dollars in business.
• What makes you get up in the morning? What keeps you up at night?
• How did you bring your brand to life? How do you keep your brand fresh and current?
• What's your global footprint?

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