The Filipina-American Designer and her 140-square-foot slice of the American Dream

Photo by T. Christian Gapen

Photo by T. Christian Gapen

Vina Lustado of California-based firm Sol Haus Design was recently profiled for  Houzz TV, a website showcasing exceptional home remodeling projects.

With over twenty years of industry experience in design and construction, Vina applied her expertise to thoughtfully designing her own personal 140-square-foot tiny home on her one-acre property in Ojai, California. The tiny home is a mobile structure with wheels and entirely off the grid. Equipped with a 750-watt solar panel array, the south-facing home allows for passive heating and cooling as it maximizes continuous lighting throughout the day without direct heat gain. Vina has made resourceful use of every square inch and wall space by installing lots of storage and multi-purpose furniture. The deck even doubles the square footage of the home and acts as a living room and entertaining space.

Taking cues from Scandinavian and Japanese architectural and design principles, Vina made strategic functional decisions about light and storage, opting for open shelving. For Vina, the design of her tiny home reflects her values around sustainability, simplicity and living within her means.

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News story courtesy of PhilStar