U.N. Association USA Easy Bay Chapter - 11th Annual Global Citizen Awards - Call for Nominations of Humanitarian Heroes

The United Nations Association – USA, East Bay Chapter

11th Annual GLOBAL CITIZEN AWARDS – 2016
Humanitarian Heroes
Supporting Human Security & Development
Submissions are invited before 1 August, 2016
Awards presented 23 October, for UN Day, at International House, UC Berkeley

The United Nations Association, East Bay Chapter will present awards for outstanding accomplishments which during the past year (and previously) made an impact on the well-being and security of people confronting acute humanitarian needs.  The beneficiaries of the nominee’s activities may be internally displaced persons, refugees, stateless peoples, or others suffering from extreme deprivation and hardship that requires support to meet their basic human needs. Such support activities ought to facilitate future fulfillment of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

PRIZES may be awarded to 5 categories of exemplary achievers:
individuals, non-profit NGOs, private enterprises, student or academic organizations, faith-based groups.

PRESENTATION OF GLOBAL CITIZEN AWARDS:  Honorees are expected to attend the 11th annual UN Day Celebration and Awards Dinner on Sunday, 23 October, 2016 at International House of UC Berkeley. Each honoree will be featured, and invited to address participants – who annually fill the auditorium to capacity.

UNA-USA is the largest membership NGO in the USA supporting the mission, achievements, and programs of the United Nations, strengthening US-UN relations, and working through information, education, and advocacy activities. The East Bay Chapter, established in 1954, is among the largest and most active of 150 UNA-USA chapters. 

For information or questions, go to www.UNAusaEastBay.org