Washington, DC Screening of "14"

Photo credit: www.14themovie.com

Photo credit: www.14themovie.com

Did you know that it took a Chinese American man born in San Francisco and his San Francisco-based community to move his case through the legal system to have the Supreme Court articulate the term "birthright citizenship," recognizing those born on U.S. soil, irrespective of parentage,  as U.S. citizens (save some exceptions, including children born to diplomats)?  The decision of U.S. v. Wong Kim Ark was handed down on March 28, 1898.  
Did you know that the Dred and Harriet Scott cases took 11 years and that the couple had to place their daughter with others for safety reasons?  Harriet had to get involved because the freedom of the children depended on the status of the mother.
Only with knowledge of past injustices can we achieve comprehensive immigration reform. Though all citizens are to be treated as equals under the 14th Amendment, we see some of our brothers and sisters treated as second-tier citizens.  One person can change history.

Anne Galisky, the producer of "14," has asked that we extend an invitation to you to attend. This is a must see particularly for staffers who work on immigration issues. 

June 11 will be a busy evening for DC as there are a number of competing events.  But, if you happen to have a few free hours, please join the Washington, DC premiere screening of "14: Dred Scott, Wong Kim Ark & Vanessa Lopez" concerning the citizenship clause of the 14th Amendment and birthright citizenship. To learn more visit, http://14themovie.com/learn/.
Washington, DC premiere of "14" 
When: Thursday, June 11, 7 PM
Location:  E Street Cinema, 555 11th Street NW, Washington, DC 20004, about a 15 minute walk from the White House and a mile from the Capitol Building.
       Reception -- 6:30 PM
       Screening -- 7:00 PM
       Panel Discussion -- 8:15 PM

Spread the word to your family, friends, and colleagues in the Washington, DC area!