Professor Glenda Bonifacio (Global FWN100™ '15) Recognized For FWN100™ Award by University of Lethbridge, Canada

Image courtesy of  University of Lethbridge .

Image courtesy of University of Lethbridge.

“I was both surprised and humbled when I learned the Filipina Women’s Network had selected me to receive this award,” says Bonifacio. “I am proud to be honoured by an organization that is dedicated to increasing awareness of the activities, careers and status of Filipina women around the world.”

Bonifacio has been a professor in the U of L’s Department of Women and Gender Studies since 2005 and her research has focused on Filipino women’s migration in Canada and Australia, intersections of gender, development and globalization, and migration and citizenship. In addition to her teaching and research responsibilities, Bonifacio spearheaded a local book drive to help schools in Tacloban after Typhoon Yolanda struck in 2013 and she continues to work on this community project with ReadWorld Foundation. This past summer, she instructed the first ever U of L field course in Tacloban. Her students have been inspired by her teaching and leadership and describe her as an amazing and phenomenal professor.

“They are inspiring examples of women doing extraordinary work who will motivate our youth and future leaders,” says Thelma Boac, Chair of the Global FWN100 Worldwide Search and Selection Committee. “They were selected based on the size and scope of their positions, influence in their industries and their communities, board affiliations and other leadership roles. Nominations were received from 18 countries.”

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