EVENT: Meet Senator Mazie Hirono, Her New Bill Would Make It Easier for Children of Filipino World War II Veterans To Get Visas

Senator Mazie Hirono looking out for Filipinos! A bill introduced by Sen. Hirono and co-sponsored by Sen. Brian Schatz would make it easier for children of Filipino World War II veterans to get visas.

“Time is running out for the diminishing number of Filipino World War II veterans who fought and sacrificed alongside American servicemen,” Hirono said in a statement. “We as a nation made a promise to these veterans that must be kept.”

More than 260,000 of these veterans were offered U.S. citizenship for their service, but the benefit did not extend to their children, separating thousands of families for decades. Now, veterans must file for a family visa, but it can take more than 20 years for these applications to be reviewed.

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MEET Senator Hirono at a reception on March 28 (2-4pm) at the Crystal Jade, Embarcadero San Francisco.