Participate In An Online Survey On The Intersections Of Domestic Violence And Human Trafficking

National Latina Network

Human trafficking is a global crime that includes force, fraud or coercion for the purposes of exploitation. Of those who are trafficked for labor or sex, some are trafficked by family members, spouses, or intimate partners. Thus, the dynamics of domestic violence and trafficking situations overlap tremendously. Given that many domestic violence organizations are embedded within the very sub-populations that have been deemed most at risk for human trafficking, including immigrants, women, children, and LGBTQ, we have much to learn from domestic violence programs that work at these intersections.
We need YOU to improve the field and services!
The National Latin@ Network, a project of Casa de Esperanza, is interested in learning about the practices of domestic violence (DV) organizations that serve survivors of human trafficking. We would also like to learn from DV organizations that are interested in serving trafficking survivors but are not yet, and are willing to share what they need in order to do so.
Those who do not work in DV, but do have experience working with trafficking survivors are welcome to take this survey, as their expertise about the intersection of DV and trafficking are important. This survey is best geared for people who work with survivors at their agency and can speak to programming.
Your participation in this survey will help us identify strengths and challenges for domestic violence organizations seeking to serve survivors of human trafficking.
More importantly, your participation will serve as a blueprint for best practices, research, and policy recommendations that can have meaningful impact on the way the field works with survivors.
Your participation is completely voluntary and will be kept confidential. Participants will be entered to win a raffle for $20 gift cards as a thank you.

If you would like to participate, click here.