Shattering Records: Filipina Coast Guard Lieutenant Reaches Peak of Kilimanjaro After Conquering Everest

Photo from Carina Dayondon's Facebook, Via  The

Photo from Carina Dayondon's Facebook, Via The

Carina Dayondon, a lieutenant of the Philippine Coast Guard, reached the peak of Mt Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain, on Saturday, October 3.

“I made it to Mt.Kilimanjaro 4:40am,” Dayondon said in a Facebook post. Dayondon was one of the 3 Filipino women who made history in 2007 by being the first and only women to make it to Mt Everest. The world record is yet to be surpassed until today.

Dayondon’s journey across Africa began in September 24.

So far, she climbed 5 summits across 5 continents. She has successfully climbed some of the world’s highest mountains for nearly 9 years now: Australia’s Mt Kosciuszko in 2014, Russia’s Mt Elbrus in 2013, and North America’s Mt Mickinley in 2006.

After conquering Kilimanjaro, Dayondon will have two more big climbs before she can officially say she has reached the most renowned peaks across all 7 continents. Her remaining climbs are Antarctica’s Vinson Massif and South America’s Mt Aconcagua.

Dayondon is part of the expedition group Kaya ng Pinoy, which climbed Mt Everest in 2007 and sailed for 17 months in a replica of the ancient Balangay boat across the Philippines and the entire Southeast Asia.

The group plans to travel to Dayondon in her 2016 expedition in South American to finish their “7 summits quest.”

The National Grid Corporation (NGCP) and Energy Development Corporation (EDC) sponsored Dayondon’s climb.

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