REPORT: Shifting Demographics of Filipino Americans in the Bay Area

FilAm Statistics in the Bay Area
Filipino American Demographics in the Bay Area

What the Data Tells Us

1.  Filipinos can make a difference

Several electoral districts across the Bay - such as San Mateo's 5th and Alameda's 2nd Supervisory Districts - have populations of Filipino registered voters of 5% or greater. Local elections and measures are often decided by very small margins so Filipinos can be the deciding factor in these districts and other districts across the Bay.

2.  Filipinos aren't registered at the levels they can be

Approximately 50% of Filipinos eligible to register are not registered to vote. In only two counties - San Francisco and Kings Counties - are more than 50% of Filipinos eligible to register, taking advantage of this right. 

3.  Filipino voters are immigrant voters

In the 14 counties where the information was available, the majority of Filipino registered voters are naturalized citizens. Immigrant communities are investing in the electoral process and using their right to vote.

4.  Filipino young people are not registering to vote at the rate they could be

5.  Nearly a third of Filipino registered voters choose a 'minor party or decline to state