Global FWN100™ Awardees Dominate Philippine-based Organizations With Newly-Formed Filipina CEO Circle (FCC)

The Filipina CEO Circle (FCC) membership of 40 dynamic C-Suite Filipina women executives collaboratively represent key industries in the Philippines. Global FWN100™ Awardees include:

  • Ace T. Itchon (Global FWN100™ '15), President & CEO, Aspen Philippines, Inc.
  • Ayhee Campos (Global FWN100™ '14), Country Head, Infosys BPO Ltd.
  • Delia Albert (Global FWN100™ '14), Former Ambassador and Secretary of Foreign Affairs; Senior Adviser, SGV & Co., Philippines
  • Emma Imperial (Global FWN100™ '15), Group President and CEO at Imperial Homes Group of Companies
  • Karen Batungbakal (Global FWN100™ '14), Executive General Manager, QBE Insurance, Talino EV Management Systems Inc, Business Processing Assoc. of the Philippines
  • Maan Hontiveros (Global FWN100™ '14), Chair, AirAsia Philippines
  • Marife Zamora (Global FWN100™ '13), Chair, Convergys Philippines
  • Marivic Añonuevo (Global FWN100™ '14), Managing Director and CEO, Millennium Challenge Philippines
  • Mila Sering, (Global FWN100™ '14), COO, Senior Managing Director for APAC Sales and Marketing, Seven Seven Corporate Group
  • Myrna Tang Yao (Global FWN100™ '15) CEO RichPrime Global, Inc., and Richwell Trading Corporation

Founded a year and a half ago by a group of women executives led by Marife Zamora, FCC's mission is to mentor [Ed., femtor], inspire and empower Filipina women in business, industry and professionals in the Philippines. For many of the FCC members, success means receiving recognition for their hard work and contributions as they prove their competence as top leaders in their respective industries. Their work-life balance may be a tough juggling act but perhaps what's most important for the women of FCC is creating harmonious synergy between their roles as leaders, mothers, daughters and friends. 

Ace T. Itchon (Global FWN100™ '15) shares the modus operandi that drives her to achieve excellence: "Pursue relentlessly but stick to your values. Identify the trade-offs and be ready to give up comfort, but never your values. Never waste time on anything or anyone who will not contribute to bringing you closer to your goals. Surround yourself with positive people. Find a mentor. Celebrate small successes and reward yourself. Share the bounty of your success with others. Give back. And give some more."