We need your help! REUNITE domestic violence survivor Nan-Hui Jo with her daughter before they are permanently separated!

Stand with Nan-Hui

Nan-Hui Jo, a single Korean mother and survivor of domestic violence, is being retried this week outside of Sacramento in Yolo County, after a trial resulted in a hung jury in December 2014. 
Nan-Hui fled to her home country to escape physical and emotional abuse by her then-partner, Jesse Charlton. When Nan-Hui returned to the US, she was arrested and separated from her six year old daughter, Vitz Da. Nan-Hui has been in jail for over seven months without due process. Custody of her daughter Vitz Da was given to her abuser, a man who never wanted the child, refused to pay child support, and has not seen the girl since she was an infant.  
Though there is documentation of lethal-level physical violence against her, Nan-Hui is being charged with child abduction for rescuing herself and her child. 
Nan-Hui now faces prison and/or deportation, either likely resulting in permanent separation from her daughter.
Nan-Hui Jo has been criminalized because she is an immigrant, a survivor of domestic violence and a fierce protector of her daughter. And despite the failure of the jurors to declare her guilty in her first trial, the Yolo County DA has aggressively pursued a re-trial, saying that the case is purely about child abduction and not domestic violence.
Korean American Coalition to End Domestic Abuse (KACEDA)  and Asian Women’s Shelter and other supporters of Nan-Hui are calling on you to help us send a strong message to Yolo County and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) that survivors of domestic violence must be supported and not criminalized. And children must be protected.
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