Board of Directors & Executive Advisory Council

Marily Mondejar

Marily Mondejar


Chair and President, San Francisco Commission on Community Investment & Infrastructure

San Francisco, California

Marily Mondejar is a senior business leader with wide-ranging global experience as an entrepreneur, strategist and advisor to Fortune 500 organizations. She advises executives on leadership and career derailment issues, and consults on corporate image strategies, merger implications, scenario planning, and how to maximize performance, through work with executive teams, alliance-building, and inter-cultural communications.  Select clients included Cemex, Siebel (Oracle), and Webex (Cisco).

Marily, the Founder & CEO of the Filipina Women’s Network (FWN), has dedicated the last decade to transforming how global Filipina women view themselves and how others perceive them—the transformed image is of women initiating influential activities. Her initiatives to bring about this transformation have included producing alternative and more positive search results on the Internet for the term “Filipina,” embracing Eve Ensler’s The Vagina Monologues and campaign to end violence against women, and facilitating the creation of a pipeline of Filipina women leaders with the skills to compete at all levels in all economic sectors. As the sixth of 13 children, Marily learned early how to get her voice heard by her family and carried this over throughout her career in roles as a senior business leader, as a board member for organizations working on the status of women, and as commissioner on various commissions and task forces appointed by San Francisco Mayors Gavin Newsom and Edwin Lee.

Marily also draws from her experience as a survivor of an abusive relationship, a single mother, and a U.S. immigrant who started from scratch to promote networks for advancing the status of Filipina women globally. Marily has helped shift the language of mentorship to “femtorship,” and the mindset of Filipina women from being a silent force in society to a catalyst in changing the face of power in America and worldwide. Her impact can be measured by the countless number of women she has brought along with her and those who will in turn bring along with them to positions of leadership and influence. 

Marily is the founder of the Filipina Women’s Network, the nonprofit association for women of Philippine ancestry based in the U.S., an organization she grew from 50 members in 2002 to over 10,200 list members today. The Filipina Women's Network received the Organization of the Year award during International Women's Day 2010.

Marily serves (and has served) on nonprofit boards and commissions including Kearny Street Housing Corporation / I-Hotel Citizens Advisory Committee, Leadership California, Friends of the Commission on the Status of Women,  Sweatfree Procurement Advisory Group, the Justice and Courage Oversight Panel, Image Industry Council International, the American Society for Training and Development, to name a few.

In 2017, Marily was elected Chair of the Commission on Community Investment and Infrastructure (CCII).  Appointed by San Francisco Mayor Edwin Lee in 2012, CCII is the successor agency for the San Francisco Redevelopment Commission, which exercises land use, development and design approval authority for development projects in Mission Bay, Hunters Point Shipyard/Candlestick Point and Transbay Terminal including managing the real estate assets in Yerba Buena Center and the Fillmore Center. These projects represent $20 billion in assets and create jobs, affordable housing, commercial space, parks, art installations and open space areas.

In 2011, she served on the San Francisco Redistricting Task Force convened every 10 years after the Census results, that redrew the boundaries of San Francisco's 11 districts, laying the groundwork for the city's political future for the next decade.

Marily received the first SHEro Equalizer Award in 2015 presented by Hon. Fiona Ma, board chair of the California Board of Equalization. She has received many awards in recognition of her work: the Award for Excellence in Civil Rights by the State of California Asian Pacific Islander Joint Legislative Caucus (2010); Local (S)Hero Award by KQED to celebrate Women's History Month (2012); the California Woman of the Year Award (2013); the Kapit-Bisig Women's Human Rights Award by Westbay (2013); Community Service Award by Asian Pacific Labor Alliance (APALA) (2013); the Circle for Courage Award (2014) presented by the Women's Intercultural Network (WIN) to an individual who have demonstrated extraordinary courage in their life and work, willing to go where no one else goes physically, emotionally, professionally, and spiritually.

Susie Quesada

Susie Quesada


President, Ramar Foods International

Pittsburg, California

Susie Quesada is President of Ramar Foods International, the leading manufacturer of premium Filipino Frozen Foods in the US including such brands as Magnolia, Orientex and Kusina.

Growing up in the family business, she started working in the business at the age of 8 and continues the legacy that her grandmother and father started by making sure that only the best quality ingredients serve the US, Canada and the troops all over the world.

Susie's passions include family, education, wellness, soccer, eating and making sure Filipinas all over the world get the support they need to rise to the top of their industry.

Susie attended the University of California at Berkeley and St. Mary’s College in Moraga.

As a member of the Filipina Women’s Network since 2007 and board member since 2012 she is ecstatic to serve FWN as President.

She lives in Contra Costa County with her husband, Dr Chris Woolf who practices NUCCA Chiropractic and their two cats. You can find them riding bikes, cooking or watching Cal football on their spare time. Go Bears!

Maria Beebe

Maria Beebe, Ph.D.


President, Global Networks


Dr. Maria Beebe’s is an applied sociolinguist whose research interests include critical discourse analysis, women’s leadership, and information communication technologies (ICT) for development. She has a Masters of Arts in Anthropology and Ph.D. in Education from Stanford University. Maria is working with TechNation Afghanistan to develop a TechWomen in Central Asia and South Asia (CASA) project based on a workshop at the Internet Governance Forum in Mexico in 2016.

Maria recently co-edited DISRUPT2.0 Filipina Women: Daring to Lead and DISRUPT1.0. Filipina Women: Loud. Proud. Leading Without a Doubt based on the leadership journeys and competencies of Filipina Women’s Network awardees.

Maria has over twenty-five years of experience in global development in a wide-range of sectors, including higher education, telecommunications, environment, natural resources, primary health care, and small enterprise development. She has used her expertise as a social scientist and sociolinguist to advance the use of ICT for development.

As an independent contractor, she worked in Afghanistan as a Senior ICT Advisor. She drafted recommendations on the use of ICTs to expand the global outreach and partnerships of the School of Extended Studies at Portland State University.

She served as Washington State University’s Chief of Party for a USAID-funded $12 million Afghan eQuality Alliances Project, which established computer centers for basic computer literacy and Internet use at Afghan public universities, forged partnerships with US and other universities for scholarships for Afghan instructors to get their masters degrees, and launched a Masters in Public Policy and Administration at Kabul University.

Maria provided leadership for drafting a white paper on E-education in Basic and Further Education in South Africa, and a concept paper on ICTs for education in Ethiopia. She provided leadership and overall coordination for a project that created a network of 21 African and 4 U. S. higher education institutions and regulatory bodies. Ms. Beebe has led workshops on teaching with the Internet at higher education institutions in Afghanistan, the Philippines, South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Malawi, and Nigeria. She co-edited AfricaDotEdu to share sustainable development lessons learned from the use of ICT to create networks among higher education institutions in Africa.

Maria has lived and worked in South Africa, Liberia, Philippines, Sudan, and Afghanistan. She regularly shares lessons learned through scholarly papers presented at international conferences. She participated in the Afghanistan Country Workshop and presented a paper on MOOCs and m-learning at the World Summit on Information Society 2013. She launched Global Networks to provide professional development services for global engagement.

Rosario Cajucom Bradbury

Rosario Cajucom Bradbury


Country Manager, Authentix

Philippines and USA

Integrity is the backbone of Rosario Cajucom-Bradbury’s personal and professional philosophy. Once when she as a young child, she saw a container van filled with expensive furniture outside their house from someone trying to bribe her father, who was a government examiner. Her father rejected it. “He never took expensive gifts from any company he examined.” That stuck to her, Rosario explains. “You don’t sell integrity. It’s the only thing that you have. You don’t sell that.”

As the former Managing Director and CEO of SGS in the Philippines, she was in charge of an organization providing integrity to its clients seeking accurate and credible verification and evaluation reports. Her rise to the top entailed extensive perseverance, patience and faith.

It was 1986, when she applied to SGS, straight out of university and a management position at McDonalds. She didn’t know much about SGS but wanted to join a company that shared her values. The only position open at the time was for a telephone operator. “I needed to be practical. It’s a company that has the same values as I, so I gave it a shot.” She took the telephone operator job but was determined and eager to rise to the top. She knew that someday, she would sit in that corner office held by the head of the company. In less than a year, she moved up becoming an executive secretary.

“Given my access to information as the executive secretary, I took advantage of learning about the business and taking initiative. ” Fortunately, her efforts were noticed. Rosario was sent abroad for various projects, and upon her return, she was promoted to running the operations of the company and built the global back office operations of SGS Group from ground zero. In 2006, after 20 years of hard work and persistence, she was appointed to lead the four entities that comprise SGS in the Philippines and Guam.

Despite the long and sometimes, arduous journey, Rosario enjoyed every bit of the ride. Products, processes and testing methods would change, but in the end, she and her company were in charge of ascertaining the truth and reporting on it. She found a grand meaning to all of it. “I felt there was a mission in everything that the company and I would do.”

Reaching the top did not stop Rosario. As a Filipina business leader, she involved herself with various nation building advocacies aimed to help develop her home country; she became Chairman of Philippine-Swiss Business Council that helps SMEs on business matching; actively promoted the Philippines BPO Industry in Europe as part of the Board of Investment delegation; Working for Working mothers (WoW) paved the way of equal rights of women in the workplace; Filipina CEO Circle (FCC) that provides inspiration and mentorship to aspiring women leaders; Policy Dialogues between Philippines and Switzerland on Joint Economic Commissions; ASEAN integration; and various corporate social responsibility projects, among others.

Her journey, while inspirational and admirable, had its own set of challenges. In fact, she even considers a part of her story a cautionary tale. In 2013, Rosario suffered from depression, a result of personal issues and professional stress. Her world revolved around her work and company, and it consumed her and impacted her physically, emotionally, and mentally. She was losing her drive, her sense of purpose and her balance. Eventually, Rosario contemplated quitting her job, until she began seeing a psychiatrist.

The guidance she received from her psychiatrist ultimately gave her direction. Rosario also received spiritual and moral support from her colleagues and friends along the way. It was at this point that she decided to pick herself up and move forward. “In every decision you make, surely, there’s a direction it provides.”

Rosario believes that her crisis wasn’t for nothing. To her, that chapter forced her to rethink the valuable things in life. “It gave me the opportunity to find out what was really important; My son is most important to me.” From then on, she strived to reclaim her balance. Now, Rosario enjoys more time with her 12-year old son. The experience changed a lot of things for her. She became more compassionate and less controlling. A change in mindset allowed her to do even a better job.

In the end, Rosario believes in a strong vision for a better world. It is up to us to want, be prepared and ready to take on the requirements our mission demands. “My purpose is to ensure that leaders will be well equipped for when their time comes.” For women leaders of tomorrow, Rosario says being a woman isn’t a disadvantage anymore. In fact, she even uses her femininity to her advantage. “It has benefits, especially when you need to show compassion. Women are more nurturing.”

After a long, fruitful, journey of professional and personal success, Rosario shares, “it‘s necessary to focus on the things we often overlook. ” Her experience allowed her to grow and improve herself. She now takes time to find beauty in the things around her. While for most, leadership is about power, control, and influence. For Rosario, that’s no longer the case. To her, leadership is sustaining the values of the organization alongside bringing out the best in people. “I want them to accept failures and face it, only through failure, can one resolve problems and find ways to better themselves.”

Continuing this impressive journey, Rosario has now chosen a current life path to refocus on family while pursuing her advocacy on providing mentorship on leadership and life transition.

Elizabeth Bautista

Elizabeth Bautista


Manager, Operations Technology Group
NERSC, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

Berkeley, California

Elizabeth Bautista is Group Leader for the Operations Technology Group (OTG) at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab’s National Energy Research Scientific Computing (NERSC) Center. Bautista’s group ensures the accessibility, reliability, security and connectivity of NERSC and the Energy Science Network (ESnet) by architecting and providing a central location for problem reporting, diagnosis, data collection, escalation and resolution to maximize the scientific productivity of users and ensure operational excellence of the facility.

NERSC is the primary scientific computing facility for the Office of Science in the U.S. Department of Energy. As one of the largest facilities in the world devoted to providing computational resources and expertise for basic scientific research, NERSC is a world leader in accelerating scientific discovery through computation. ESnet is the high-bandwidth wide area network that links scientists at national laboratories, universities and other research institutions and enables them to collaborate on some of the world’s most important scientific challenges including energy, climate science, and the origins of the universe.

Bautista is Program Manager for Inclusion and Workforce Development at NERSC and manages the student internship program. As a member of the Lab’s Computing Science Diversity and Outreach Programs, she supports programs that seek to involve women and girls in STEM such as the Grace Hopper Conference, CRA-W and the Richard Tapia Celebration of Diversity in Computing Conference. As a former delegate for the Council of University of California Staff Assemblies (CUCSA), she champions issues of retention policy and diversity. She has a B.S. in Computer Information Systems and an M.B.A. in Technical Management from Golden Gate University.

Maria Nieves Santos-Greaves

Maria Santos Greaves


President, Surrey Hearing Care

British Columbia, Canada

When Maria Nieves Santos-Greaves migrated to Canada she thought of starting her own clinic, not only for financial security, but also in her personal desire to provide compassionate and complete quality care to those longing to hear better. After all, she herself became hearing-impaired due to medication errors by a health care practitioner.

With perseverance and a strong determination to succeed, Maria Santos-Greaves built and nurtured Surrey Hearing Care Inc. - now with a third clinic, and plans for more. Possibly the only immigrant woman in Canada who owns a hearing clinic company, Maria said, “I am very passionate about my calling in hearing”.  More people, young and old of various races can now hear and listen better through the quality of service Maria and her staff provides. The slogan of her company “Helping You Hear the World” says it all.

Through the years Maria has made sure that the company mobile hearing clinic van goes and provides free hearing tests to mainstream, visible minorities and First Nations wherever the need arises. Surrey Hearing Care has supported a multitude of immigrant groups’ outreach: Filipinos, South Asians, and those of a collective multicultural participation across the Lower Mainland in British Columbia, not just Surrey alone. In addition, Maria actively joins almost every year the Canadian Medical Mission Society - contributing her time, expertise, and resources in helping those with no access to health care in the Philippines.

For her tireless efforts to help and give back to the community, she was voted across the Canada one of the Top 25 Immigrants in 2015. Maria Santos-Greaves was also a 2015 finalist in the Surrey Women in Business Award Entrepreneur category in British Columbia, a 2014 Maharlika Awardee for Community Service in Canada, and a Rotary Foundation Paul Harris Fellow Awardee.

“I grew up a Filipina in the Philippines. By this I mean my heart and soul will never forget my roots, my beloved home country that molded me to become the woman I am today, an entrepreneur in my adopted and appreciated new homeland of Canada. Philippine society I think is one of the most gender-progressive in the world. In our courteous way, we have worked side by side with our male counterparts who have respected our capabilities and contributions in life and to our nation. Our influence as Filipinas is ongoing, marked with progress, and responsibility wherever we set foot.”

Amar Bornkamp

Amar Bornkamp


(Ret) Charles Schwab

Union City, California

Amar Bornkamp is a retired former leader and people manager. Amar worked at Charles Schwab for a total of 22 years, and in her tenure led teams in Corporate Actions, Cash Control, and Access & Entitlements. She majored in Business Administration and had over 30 years of experience in the financial industry.

She is passionate about developing others to their full potential and helping them advance in their careers. During her time at Schwab she co-chaired the Asian Pacific Islander Network at Schwab (APINS), where she coordinated and put together career development events that focused on how to overcome issues and challenges Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders face in the work force. In putting together these events she worked with other companies and Asian non-profit organizations like Ascend and FWN.

She also serves on the School Board of St. Bede Catholic School in Hayward and is the chairperson of their Enrollment Committee. As a member of the St. Bede parish she has been teaching catechism for almost 17 years. She teaches 3rd and 4th grade parishioners who are preparing to do their First Reconciliation and receive their First Communion. As a catechist, she’s not only giving back to the church and community, but also living out her childhood dream of being a teacher. Since her retirement, Amar has been doing volunteer work for several non-profit organizations that work to help and benefit children.

Amar has two sons, and when she’s not spending time with her husband and two boys, she enjoys spending time with her extended family, reading, watching movies, and planning events and parties. She’s also a big sports fan and a big fan of the SF Giants, SF 49ers, and Golden State Warriors.

Jacqueline Dumlao Yu, Esq.

Jacqueline Dumlao Yu, Esq.


Attorney, Valensi Rose, PLC

Los Angeles, California

Having broad-based experience at law and accounting firms and the judiciary, Jacqueline gained a comprehensive understanding of her clients’ personal, financial, and business needs, ranging from tax planning, compliance and reporting to structuring entities, preserving and transferring wealth, creating social impact legacies, minimizing exposure to liabilities, and settling disputes. Her approach is a combined application of technical skills and creativity and efficient implementation through collaborative leadership, working closely with other trusted advisors to ensure that her clients’ objectives are achieved.

Jacqueline's practice includes drafting agreements and consulting with individuals and businesses on tax planning and organizational strategies. Often this tax, wealth and business planning can involve complex holdings, cross border transactions, foreign assets, intellectual property, the formation and dissolution of entities, cash flow projections and gifts or sales of discounted interests.

Jacqueline also has experience in trust and estate administration and litigation, advising trustees and personal representatives on asset allocation, accounting, management and distribution of assets, and their fiduciary obligations as well as representing trustees and beneficiaries in matters involving claims of lack of capacity, undue influence and breaches of fiduciary duty.

Throughout her career,  Jacqueline has been active in non-profit and civic organizations that advocate for human rights and environmental preservation and that support sustainability-driven innovation and diversity policies in the public and private sectors. She is a member of the State Bar of California, Beverly Hills Bar Association, National Association of Women Business Owners, Asian Business League, Rotary Club of Beverly Hills, IVY Social University, and KAYA Filipino Americans for Progress.

In her spare time, she is a musician, traveler, and marathon runner.

Leonor S. Vintervoll

Leonor S. Vintervoll


European Network of Filipinos in Diaspora (ENFiD)

Oslo, Norway

Leonor is a community leader, a Philippine Presidential Awardee in 1996.  She has served  as Chairwoman of the Filipino Community in Norway, and later as Coordinator of FILCOM NORWAY COUNCIL, and the Founder/Leader of the Philippine Women’s Organization in Norway (PWO). Leonor initiated a letter-writing campaign to protest against a travel agency promoting Filipino women as a commodity.  «Meeting place Cebu, A Filipina wife can be bought for 10K kroner» says the flyer.  The campaign included a rally at the airport to stop the tour. This campaign resulted in the closure of the travel agency by the Court.

Another successful lobbying with a political party resulted in the granting of a quota for the recruitment of 760  nurses from the Philippines.  As the Chairwoman of PWO, Leonor initiated two very important policies made out of this Annual Report: first, her recommendation to grant financial support to working mothers who wish to stay at home and take care of their children until aged three,  was put into effect.  Second, a recommendation to financially support businesses or industries to take qualified unemployed immigrants to work in their companies rather than just giving them an allowance doing nothing was also adopted.  

Leonor produced a position paper which was used by HE Ambassador  Elisabeth Buensuceso (former Philippine ambassador to Norway) in lifting the ban of Filipino au pairs in Norway and later adopted for the whole of Europe. The study/research was undertaken by Research Institute FAFO,  commissioned by the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration.

Another position paper initiated by Leonor was the recruitment of nurses from the Philippines which became the basis for entering a bi-lateral agreement  between the Philippines and the Norwegian authorities in the health sector.  

The 8th among 10 siblings, from Umingan, Pangasinan, Leonor learned to be  independent, having taken responsibility for her education and career at a young age.   A self-supporting student at the University of the East, she worked as clerk during summer vacationsat the Armed Forces of Philippines Chief of Staff at Camp Aguinaldo and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. 

In 1981,  Leonor was granted overseas assignment at the Head Office of Norconsult in Oslo, Norway.  After two years of learning the company’s operations, permanent employment was offered, worked as the Company’s Treasurer,  a job she kept while raising her son and helping her husband who worked at IBM UK.   

Maan Hontiveros

Maan Hontiveros


Chair, Philippines AirAsia, Inc.


Maan Hontiveros has been a student and youth travel pioneer, a television producer and host, journalist, publishing executive, multi-media production leader, staunch advocate for the conservation and protection of the environment, music industry managing director, and a passionate promoter and supporter of Filipino arts, film, dance, music and culture before she assumed responsibility as Chief Executive Officer of Philippines’ AirAsia, Inc. She is concurrently the Chair of AirAsia Zest.

An English major graduate of St. Scholastica’s College, Maan is also a Candidate for Bachelor of Music, Major in Guitar Performance at the same college. Her passion for music led her to set up Warner Music Philippines as Managing Director. At Warner Music she worked closely with Warner Music Malaysia MD and ASEAN Regional Head, Tony Fernandes, who later went on to shake up the aviation industry by establishing Malaysia and ASEAN’s first budget no-frills airline which is now known as AirAsia.

Her current business and civic affiliations are: Grassroots Marketing and Film Production, Inc., Board Member; Ms. Ellaneous Productions, Inc., Chairman; Bamacom, Inc., Board Member; Calatagan Golf and Country Club, Director; Ballet Philippines Foundation, Trustee and Vice-Chair; Manila Symphony Orchestra Foundation, Trustee and President; Public Trust Media Group Inc. / Newsbreak Publishing, Member, Board of Advisers; Cinemalaya Foundation Inc., Board Member; Maximo T. Kalaw Institute for Sustainable Development, Trustee and Treasurer; Guitar Friends Inc, Board Member; Reef Check Conservation Program, Inc., Board Member & Chair; Spirit of Edsa Foundation, Trustee; Children’s Orchestra Society, International Advisory Board Member.

Maria Roseni "Nini" M. Alvero

Maria Roseni "Nini" M. Alvero


Senior Trade Commissioner, Philippines Trade and Investment Center

Toronto, Canada

Maria Roseni "Nini" M. Alvero is the current Commercial Counselor of the Philippine Embassy’s Commercial Section (Philippine Trade and Investment Center). She has more than thirty years of government service experience, serving in various capacities at the Department of Trade and Industry in the fields of economic research; industry and trade policy; export marketing and investment promotion; and the bilateral and multilateral government-to-government relations. 

She is a seasoned diplomat with former foreign stints in France, Canada, China and the US (Los Angeles, San Francisco, and the current 2nd term in Washington, DC).

As a Foreign Trade and Investment Officer, she has established a track record in establishing fruitful connections among business individuals and companies between her foreign post of assignment and the home country.

She is recognized for her ability at fully developing the potentials of Philippine export products in a given country market, through the conceptualization, planning, organizing and successful implementation of participation in numerous trade promotion activities; as well as bringing in foreign direct investors from her host country by actively engaging in a focused investment program.

She is also known to demonstrate excellent diplomatic skills as top negotiator resulting in the smooth resolution of bilateral and multilateral trade issues affecting the market access of Philippine products into her country of assignment.

Thelma Boac

HON Thelma Boac


President, Board of Trustees, Berryessa Union School District

San Jose, California

Thelma Boac was born in the province of Bohol, Philippines and came to America at the age of ten. She became an English, Spanish, and Music teacher and taught for many years before becoming an administrator and high school principal, the only Filipina principal in twenty years in the East Side Union High School District in San Jose, CA. 

Thelma retired after 37 years in education but continues to work as adjunct professor for San Jose State University and National Hispanic University, training and supervising graduate students entering the teaching profession. 

She is also a professional leadership coach for new principals and administrators in the Santa Clara County school system working with the Office of Education. 

She has a Masters Degree in Education and Supervision and attended San Francisco State University, San Jose State University, and University of Granada, Spain. 

Thelma currently serves as a member of the Board of Trustees for the Berryessa Union School District in San Jose, CA. As a board member, she has committed herself to improving performance at all levels and to making sure that all students have equal access to excellent education, especially those students that are most at risk.

Thelma continues to encourage, inspire and empower youth to reach their highest potential and help make our world a better place in which to live.


Executive Advisory Council



CEO, AuraStrat PA, LLC

Potomac, Maryland

Bambi Lorica, M.D., FAAP, is a holistic pediatrician, community advocate and lyric soprano. Subspecializing in energy medicine, she is currently a fellow in Anti-aging, Regenerative and Functional Medicine and is a member of the International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine. As a physician entrepreneur she has internationalized the standards of a medical company providing emergency medical and transport services in the Philippines.

Bambi co-produced the critically and internationally acclaimed film ”Busong”, which was chosen in more than 35 Film Festivals, and won awards in Asia, Europe and North America, including the most prestigious award given by National Geographic for indigenous films. 

Recognized for medical diplomacy, she is an active advocate both in the US and in the Philippines for numerous causes and supports humanitarian and artistic endeavors.

A mother of four, Bambi's passion includes singing, ballroom dancing, gourmet cooking and painting. Her other interests include organic farming, sustainability and renewable energy development.

A member of FWN since 2007, she is committed to uplifting the Filipina image globally and helping end domestic violence everywhere.

Gloria T. Caoile

Gloria T. Caoile


National Political Director, APALA

Henderson, Nevada

Gloria Caoile is a recognized civic leader in the Asian American and Pacific Islander community. She was a founding member of the Asian Pacific American Women Leadership Institute, the only national organization dedicated to nurturing and developing leadership skills among Asian American and Pacific Islander women. She was also a founding member of Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance.

Caoile’s professional experience includes more than 30 years of service with American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), where she last served as the assistant to the AFSCME President prior to her retirement. Currently, Caoile promotes and is directly responsible the formation of a partnership between labor groups and the Asian American and Pacific Islander community to advance voter participation.

Colonel Shirley S. Raguindin

Col. Shirley S. Raguindin


Chief Diversity Officer, Air National Guard (ANG)

Washington, DC

Colonel Shirley S. Raguindin serves as Chief of Diversity for the National Guard Bureau (NGB) and Chief Diversity Office for the Air National Guard (ANG). In her dual role, she's principal advisor to NGB Chief, General Frank J. Grass and ANG Director, Lt. General Stanley E. Clarke III. In this capacity she is responsible for the strategic direction, implementation and alignment of ANG’s integrated global diversity and inclusion initiatives to achieve the highest state of military readiness to over 458,000 Solders, Airmen and civilians. She also interacts with several DoD and federal agencies on behalf of the Director, Air National Guard.

Col. Raguindin was commissioned in 1986 as a distinguished graduate of the Air Force ROTC program at the University of Hawaii. 

Prior to her current assignment, she served as Senior Military Liaison, DoD Transformation Agency Enterprise Planning and Investment, Office of the Secretary of Defense, and developed division level strategic plans.

Throughout her career, she served in a myriad of readiness programs, leading change through policy, strategic planning and quality of life issues that impact mission readiness.

Under her leadership, NGB was recognized nationally as one of Top 25 Diversity Council Honors Award in 2012, Top 12 milBook Innovation Awards in DoD; and selected as one of 20 nationwide by the American Psychological Association (APA) to redefine leadership competencies at the 2013 Diversity Leadership Summit.

She advised as an international expert to Chapter 11, Diversity Ideologies in Organizations and is the recipient of many honors including the International Women’s Outstanding Leadership Award (2013) and Diversity Officer Leadership Award presented by Diversity Best Practices Inc., Corporate America’s preeminent organization of global diversity leaders and practitioners (2007).