FWN IN THE NEWS: Carmelyn Malalis, U.S. FWN100™ '09, Pushes for Equality in the Workplace

Photo Credit: Carol Tanjutco, Inquirer.net

Photo Credit: Carol Tanjutco, Inquirer.net

Filipina American lawyer and U.S. FWN100 '09 Carmelyn P. Malalis, who was appointed Chair of the New York City Commission on Human Rights in November last year by Mayor Bill de Blasio, is expected to push hard for equality in the work place.

Malalis has a history of successfully combating discrimination and harassment in the workplace through her representation of employees from a variety of industries and income levels. Her dual role as Chair and Commissioner positions her to lead investigations of complaints of discrimination and retaliation in employment, housing and public accommodation.

Her office also will reach out, train and educate the public about the law and how to work with governmental as well as non-governmental organizations with similar functions. The public, she says, is not aware that New York law is broad and protects against discrimination, including employment discrimination based on credit history.

At the recently concluded annual conference of the Association for Conflict Resolution of Greater New York (ACRGNY) held at Cardozo Law School, Malalis stressed the need to rebuild best practices for mediation to avoid prolonged litigation that results in tenant eviction from housing and displacement of children in public schools.

Public housing in New York also raises difficulties for those with criminal convictions and just came out from prison. Malalis has submitted five bills for legislation, reflecting her initiatives to enforce equality, gender protection and non-discrimination in the workplace and in housing. The Commission has an advisory relationship with the New York City Council.

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News story courtesy of TheInquirer.net