Filipina Action Worldwide: #EnoughAlready! Legal Equality Is The 1st Step to Gender Equality

Equality Now launched the 4th edition of their Words & Deeds campaign targeting #UnsexyLaws that directly violate pledges made 20 years ago in the historic Beijing conference that resulted in one of the most progressive plans to achieve gender equality (Beijing Platform for Action).

To make equality reality, the law must treat and protect men and women equally. Legal equality is the first step to gender equality – and political will and legal reform can get us there. This March, governments from around the world will gather in New York to address gender equality and the women's empowerment, including progress towards ending sex-based discrimination.  

This is a call for action.  Below is a list of actions from Equality Now that you can do to stand up for equal rights and equal access to justice.

1. Raise Your Voice — 20,000 sign-ons by March 16! 20,000 Actions x 44 targets = 880,000 letters to law makers. Just go down the list and click ‘Take Action’. It only takes 5 seconds to send a letter!

2. Spread the Word — help increase impact. Get #UnsexyLaws trending!

3. Expand the Campaign — Ask your President or Prime Minister to eliminate any laws that discriminate based on sex. Use Equality Now's template or put it in your own words.

4. Stay tuned — in early March, we’ll be reaching out with the latest news and ways to get involved.

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