Filipina-American Actress Gets Big Break on Vampire Diaries

Image courtesy of  Audience Awards .

Image courtesy of Audience Awards.

Another Filipino-American talent is getting a big break on prime time American television. 

Filipina-American actress Leslie-Anne Huff is set to play an important character in the Vampire Diaries. In the CW hit series, she will play Rayna, a vampire hunter.

TV writers and fans have noted her physical similarities with the show's former lead star Nina Dobrev, who has left the series.

Huff recently left Los Angeles for Atlanta, Georgia to shoot her episodes.

The role is a breakthrough for Huff. Together with other Fil-Ams, she has been consistently working to uplift and increase the number of Filipino talents with significant roles in Hollywood.

In a previous interview, she talked about her work ethic that must have played the part in booking the Vampire Diaries.

"Just be good at what you do and you are who you are. Maybe you are a person of color; maybe you are a woman; but your work is gonna speak for yourself and that's always my attitude going through projects," she said.

The Fil-Am star is a versatile actress who also does sketch comedy. She's also a writer-producer who creates her own opportunities as seen in her work in the independent film, Rosie, as well as her award-winning web series, The Lifesavers.

News story from ABS CBN News.