FWN LEGACY 2.0: Summit Learning Journeys

Why should you come to the Summit?
Raison d'être #1: The Learning Journeys @ the Filipina Leadership Summit

"A desk is a dangerous place from which to view the world."

--John LeCarre

The summit is not just a gathering of awesome Filipina women but what they do at the summit! The summit is more than a field trip or a fact-finding mission on what other Filipina women are doing, what works, what doesn't and how we can be allies for life.

It's the Learning Journeys - they immerse us in the reality--and long-range implications--of the knowledge economy. These experiences enable us to deepenaccelerate, and internalize our own learning about profound changes in the business environment and, at the same time, share experiences and perspectives with FWN members from different companies, industries, and countries. 

Learning Journeys reflect our conviction that the most powerful learning occurs through experience and interaction, not from books or speeches.The Learning Journeys developed for this year's summit offer a rich array of experiences, company visits, and conversations emblematic of our changing lifestyles and the new business models emerging in response. Companies we're visiting:

  • Medshare
  • Golden State Warriors
  • Lawrence Livermore Laboratory
  • San Francisco City Hall
  • Mission Bay
  • Hunters Point

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