Help Legalize Tiny Homes!

TAKE ACTION! You can help change building codes for tiny houses in cities all over the country. A new proposal has been written to help legalize tiny homes under the IRC (International Residential Code). With the help of tiny house friends and luminaries such as Andrew Morrison from Tiny House Build, a new appendix has been written to include tiny homes.

Contact your local building official and write a letter (or email) to approve the proposal during the voting process. Learn more about helping to legalize tiny homes in California.


The IRC is part of the building code. If the proposal passes all the way through, this means that we can adopt it for ALL cities and jurisdictions across the US. This will allow for tiny houses that are less than 400sf to be legal, starting in 2018. Please note that this does NOT include tiny houses on wheels (yet).

The municipal code which we are trying to change in Ojai and Ventura County is part of the zoning code, which pertains to planning guidelines under the General Plan and Housing Element. The change we are putting forth is to include tiny homes on wheels under the second dwelling unit ordinance to make it legal as a full time dwelling.

The best scenario is to pass the IRC proposal under the building code, AND legalize tiny houses on wheels under the local zoning code. Your help in getting the IRC proposal approved will help tremendously. Learn more here.

May this inspire change in your own communities! Cheers to TINY! Vina Lustado, Global FWN100 '15 is one of the leaders in this initiative.