Internet Voter Registration System For Filipinos In The Middle East And Africa


The Commission on Elections (COMELEC) in collaboration with the DFA-OVS has rolled out iREHISTRO for implementation by Foreign Service Posts (FSPs) in the Middle East and Africa: Philippine Embassies in Abu Dhabi, Abuja, Amman, Beirut, Cairo, Doha, Kuwait, Manama, Muscat, Nairobi, Pretoria, Riyadh, Tehran plus the Philippine Consulate General in Dubai and Jeddah.

iREHISTRO is an online system to register to vote for candidates in the Philippines. Prospective applicants still have to appear personally at Foreign Service Posts or Mobile/Field registration sites, to sign and submit their duly accomplished printed form, and for biometrics capturing. In addition, the processed applications still have to be approved by the Resident Election Registration Board (RERB).

Overseas Filipinos in the Middle East and Africa now have the option of filling up the forms from the comfort of their homes, workplace, internet café, or anywhere they have access to reliable internet connection. The optional appointment feature of the system allows for better time management since it provides them an easy way to schedule their personal appearance at a FSP or Mobile/Field registration site. 

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