Introducing new FWN Fellow and ePahayagan Editor Raissa Alvero


"I'd love for FWN members to engage with our new content and comment more on our posts. C'mon Filipinas, let's not be shy. We want to know: what impresses you? What rattles you? What excites you? "

Raissa Alvero is delighted to be the new Filipina Women’s Network Fellow (2015-2016) and Editor of the ePahayagan. With a special interest in communications and project management, she looks forward to harnessing and developing her professional skills amidst a community of supportive and inclusive Filipina women.

Raissa is a visual arts industry professional based in Montreal, Canada. She moved to Vancouver from the San Francisco Bay Area in 2006 to attend the University of British Columbia where she received a BA in Art History. In 2012, she served as the Associate Director of the Douglas Udell Gallery Vancouver. Following the October 2014 closure of the Vancouver gallery, she became the Director of Communications for Douglas Udell Gallery Edmonton. In addition to her work in the gallery capacity, she is also an independent Visual Artist Advocate and Consultant.

Apart from her personal interests in visual art and feminist and anti-racist discourse, Raissa enjoys yoga, reading, listening to pop culture podcasts and all things deep-fried.