ASK A FILIPINA: #7 DISRUPT Leadership Tip from Journalist Janet Susan R. Nepales, (Global FWN100™ '13)

Janet Nepales

Dream big and achieve. Start in your neighborhood. Dreams are free. So instead of dreaming small, dream big. You have nothing to lose. Aim high. So even if you fall, you will still be among the stars. Start in your own neighborhood. Organize a Journalism Club. Begin a community newsletter. Be the voice of the community. Find out what’s happening in your neighborhood and see how you can help and serve. Make your voice be heard. Propose ways to improve the community. Find where change needs to be done. Do not just be a critic. Be an activist.

- Janet Susan R. Nepales, Hollywood Journalist; Member, Hollywood Foreign Press Association; (Global FWN100 '13)


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