REPORT FROM U.K.: Aimee Alado (Global FWN100™ '15) Heads Successful Appellation of Origin: The Philippines Event [AoOP] in London, UK


Appellation of Origin produced by Aimee Alado, Global FWN100™ '15, celebrated the Philippine artistry and imagination in the form of crafts unique to Philippine culture.

The Philippine-UK UK community celebrated the show at a gala dinner, fashion show and demonstration of authentic Philippine culture to benefit the WELL Trust, Ajos Trust, ENFiD and ENFiD-UK.

Approximately 400 guests from the Philippines, UK, Europe and America attended the event including esteemed guests from the Philippine Embassy in London, IPO (Intellectual Property Office - Philippines), other London-based foreign embassies, and fashion industry related organisations.

AoOP Event Highlights by Executive Director Aimee Alado  (Global FWN100™ '15):

This was a similar cry of the 500K spectators and the 75K Games Makers at the London 2012 Olympics.

We all made HISTORY by producing; performing; cat walking; supporting; volunteering and spectating at the Appellation of Origin: The Philippines Event [AoOP]. We have achieved the original vision that is to up the Philippine Brand and to promote the four Philippine Charities.

I did not expect the turn out and the warm reaction to the show; congratulatory remarks and messages (emails, sms, calls, Facebook) from friends, colleagues and strangers were very inspiring. A diplomat said that "this is the best fashion show I have ever seen in London! The whole production is just magnificent! From the venue, to food, the performers, the fabrics and the creation were world class indeed!" Another diplomat said - "fabulous venue and quality show! You are top!" Another said, "extremely impressive! Other non-Filipinos who were handed tourism brochures said, "we were so impressed, see you in the Philippines!" And the Lord and Lady might have been enticed to invest in the Philippines, being a shrewd businessman.

Comments from fellow Filipinos are: "Ten stars is not enough to describe the success and beauty of the event! It makes me more proud to be a Filipino and confirmed that we can actually stage such a world class event!"

"I am very HAPPY and SO proud to be part of this AoOP Event! We can never stop talking about the event even after 24 hours. Ganda! Galing!"

"I was standing by the entrance and as people streamed out I overheard people talking how magnificent the event was and it just confirmed my feeling that my volunteering tonight was all worth it!"

Amidst all the euphoric cacophony of praises coming from all corners of the world, there are often people who were "missed out", albeit inadvertently. These are the people who worked behind the scenes and are the people who worked round the clock in different time zones to produce AoOP as it is right now. I thank myself as the conceptualiser and to Marthy Arguelles Angue as the genius who put graphics into my concept. Who patiently worked with me on the website, on the magazine, on the posters, and the rest.

As the Executive Producer of Appellation of Origin: The Philippines! THANK YOU VERY MUCH! I am much obliged...Mabuhay!

News story from Aimee Alado & AoOP