Another Year Stronger.... Happy Birthday FWN Members!

happy birthday fwn members

Emmie Ortega Anderson (Global FWN100™ '15), Pinoy Power Media LLC
Thelma Boac (US FWN100™ '07), Trustee, Berryessa Union School District Board
Jo Ann Faulkerson-Kyle, General Manager at MC Business Development, Goldilocks USA
Filomenita Hoegsholm (Global FWN100™ '14), Co-Founder, Babaylan PWEDE
Irene Kaneko (Global FWN100™ '15), Jeepney Press/UTAWIT
Marilyn "Wafa" Roscales-Kasimieh (Global FWN100™ '14), Senior Advisor, Islamic Affairs Charitable Activities Department, Government of Dubai, UAE, 
Lenore Lim (US FWN100™ '09), Artist, Society of Philippine American Artists
Lourdes Nicomedes, Division Manager, Financial Reporting, Systems & Audits, City & County of San Francisco
Lillian Pardo (U.S. FWN100™ '11), Professor Emeritus in Neurology and Pediatrics, University of Kansas Medical Center
Bennie Lou Quevedo-Burris (Global FWN100™ '13), Certified Trust Financial Advisor - Investment & Wealth Management - ‎Mechanics Bank Wealth Management
Cynthia Rapaido (U.S. FWN100™ '11), Principal and Adjunct Professor, South San Francisco High School/ University of San Francisco
Jocelyne Vistan, Healthcare Ombudsman/Mediator, Kaiser Permanente