#Growingupfilipino Trending On Social Media

Photo credit: Rappler.com

Photo credit: Rappler.com

When the hashtag #GrowingUpFilipino became a trending topic, social media was ablaze. From Instagram posts to telling tweets, nostalgic people everywhere took to social media to post about what it was like to grow up in a Pinoy household.

YouTube sensation AJ Rafael tweeted: “Before going outside – grandma: ‘where’s your jacket’ Me: ‘It’s 90 degrees outside’ Grandma: ‘Ok here wear my jacket’ #GrowingUpFilipino,” which got over 700 retweets and 1.4K favorites. The cultural hashtag was trending alongside #GrowingUpHispanic, #GrowingUpBlack, and #GrowingUpAsian. Individuals reflected on their upbringings, and were vocal about how similar their experiences were growing up in immigrant households.

The Filipino community worldwide seemed to bond in merry amusement over the trending topic, posting updates from Filipino social activities to cultural traditions. “Every family party was your uncles drinking, aunts gossiping, teens in a room somewhere, and kids running around,” Twitter user @thefloralking said.

Accompanying the trending hashtag, Rappler posted a list of “12 signs you grew up Pinoy.” -

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