Major Milestone: Ramar Foods Produces 1 Billionth Lumpia!

Ramon & Maria Quesada, Founders of  Ramar Foods . Image credit:

Ramon & Maria Quesada, Founders of Ramar Foods.
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 An East Bay Filipino family is celebrating a major milestone for their company after selling their billionth lumpia, a traditional Filipino snack.

For three decades, the Quesada family has mixed, chopped, and rolled the popular snack food.

“Filipinos love to celebrate, and there has to be lumpia every time there is a celebration,” Susie Quesada, President of Ramar Foods International, said.

The family moved to the Bay Area in the 1960’s with 11 children, and decided to help their fellow Filipinos get a taste of home.

“We saw an opportunity; a way to help our countrymen get a taste of home when they were trying to assimilate here as well,” P.J. Quesada, Vice President of Ramar Foods International, said.

The company used to hand roll the lumpias, but now uses specialized equipment to allow production of 50,000 of the treats daily.

Watch the video from CBS San Francisco here.